Monday, September 12, 2005

The Annual Meeting of the HICs

Better known as the "Hawaii Invitation Committee," Jon, Heather, Lara (not pictured) and I (the "H.I.C.s") have spent the better part of the day reviewing a ton of submissions to join Tony Horton in Kauai this October.

We're gradually, painfully, trying to narrow it down to the final group of guests this week. We're all blown away by the number of substantial weight loss stories we have this year. And never before have we seen such a broad range of successes ranging from people who have lost over 100 pounds to absolute hard body transformations with Power 90.

Soccer moms, military, kids in highschool, teachers, clergy, police officers and firefighters -- the people that have found their inspiration from Power 90 have no common source or definition. Bottom line is, people of all walks continue to be inspired by the "I can do anything for 90 days" simplicity of Power 90.

We expect to notify people by the end of the week, and post the guest list shortly thereafter. I wish we could bring everyone. And as always, I hope people who submitted but are not invited still consider themselves success stories because of the stellar results they achieved. And that everyone continues to "push play" with the same persistence and commitment.


Mary Cecy said...

Carl, Jon, Heather, Lara: Thanks for all the hard work you have put and I know this is very difficult for you. The best part is that you get to see everyone and can post the next months of success stories without having to ask for it.
Whether I get in or not, we have talked about this, I AM A SUCCESS and a SUPERSTAR. Thanks for the shout out. I learn that it does not matter of the time of day I workout is that I did it. So thanks to you and everyone, again!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carl, I have a question. Yesterday (12 September) I received my order. The Turbo Jam workouts are fantastic. Do you know something about the Turbo Jam monthly shipment program? Thank you very much.


Carl Daikeler said...

Mary, that's the right attitude. if you saw the stack you'd be amazed at how much we had to sift through and read to get to the list. Ultimately, we hope to find a way to get more people together more often so the emphasis on Hawaii is not as intense.

Maria - I don't think we have a monthly shipment program in place for Turbo Jam yet. But thanks for ordering and I hope you enjoy them!

Mary Cecy said...

Carl, I would love to see the stack and the pics and the stories... if not in Hawaii then in the site as Success Stories for sure.

It will be nice to have people together more often... like the camps Tony do. Wouldn't that be wild!!!


Anonymous said...

Will we have new Turbo Jam workouts soon?. I can't wait to have longer and more advanced Turbo Jam workouts.They are fun and the music is glorious. I am so pleased with my Turbo Jam deluxe package.¡TURBO JAM ROCKS¡


Carl Daikeler said...

"Soon" is a relative term. We go into production on more advanced TJ videos in October, but I am not going to get myself in trouble again and project a launch dat until they are imminent!

For now, you'll have to make do, or experiment with YBB and the Slimn Series!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Carl. I appreciate your answer. I understand you don't want to get in trouble giving a launch date. I am sure you have lot of e-mail asking about new Turbo Jam workouts. I will wait using the turbo jam workouts I have and the other BB products I have: the slim series, PHH and my loooved P90X. Thank you very much.


Marie-Michele (aka Marich in the boards) said...

Hey there Carl ! !

My first time here really ! I came here because Cyndiloux post in her thread about The Masters Series, and I had to chek it out ! :D
I ordered P90 in late july, and recieved it the 13 of september. I am up in Canada, so I understood the time it took to get here, and more, there actually was a mistake the first time around. So they had to send it back again ! I am not complianing, on the contrary . It gave me the time to go in the message boards, and read a lot about P90. I've been seeing the ad in Montreal (where I am) for a year now. And I am so glad to tell you it's my official 5th day, and sweat 1/2 is done ! tomorow, it'S sculpt, and then, day off !!! I enjoy this sooo much !! So I am here, only to thank you all, in beachbody to have made it possible for me to do this !

I have been a size 13 for as long as I can remember (size 13 in canada - I hear it'S not quite the same... ). And after my first 5 days, I lost 3 pounds already !! I just LOVE this !

So really, I quite understand how many success stories you must have to go through ! It such an amazing work out ! And the help you provide, well it helps a lot ! ;)

So thanks again !!!

And keep it up ! Because well, we can't wait for the Masters series :D haha !! :)