Sunday, September 11, 2005

Yeah really -- Ten moves. Ten minutes.

OK, so I have been asked why a guy who graduated from P90X has been logging into WOWY to do our shortest program, Fast 10. I am hesitant to use this blog to promote it with the passion I have for this program, but here goes. This really is not a commercial, but I want to explain what the product is for those who have asked, in a more straight-forward way perhaps than the website explains it, and to explain why I use it more than our other programs for maintenance.

Why I like Fast 10...Two words: (1) Freedom (2) Time

Of everything we sell at Beachbody, Fast 10 is the only one I can really do without following a DVD. That's the freedom. As a CEO, I travel a fair amount. All I need to take with me when I travel is the B-Line band with the Fast 10 routine photos on the sides of the handles or the Body Cards, and I've got my routine. No DVD/TV. No walk through the hotel lobby in my shabby t-shirt and bad shorts to find the teeny hotel training room. No excuses for blowing a perfect month of consecutive workouts.

I do each move for a minute. Ten moves. Ten Minutes. And I'm done. That's more freedom, and a great quick workout.

Fast 10 also lets me get outside more, because like most people with an office job, I spend most of my time indoors. Example: I had a meeting outside of the office the other day. I went down the elevator to my car in the garage in Beverly Hills. Drove into the garage of the building in Century City, parked and rode up the elevator. The receptionist asked me if it was still hot outside. I said "Actually, I didn't go outside. I got here in a climate controlled tube and bubble system." It's kind of pathetic.

So when I get a chance to workout outside, I don't want to be tied to my TV. I take the bands outside with one of the seven "Fast 10 Body Cards" and do a couple rounds (after I put on sunscreen... usually.) Sometimes Ava will want to go for a swim in that one moment I have to workout. So she swims while I get my sweat going, poolside, with Fast 10. That's more freedom.

And sometimes it's not about the freedom -- it's about time. And contrary to what your logic might tell you, getting a small workout in is very effective if you make the time count. When people around the office wonder why my office door is closed for a couple times a day, it's not because I'm taking a nap in there or contemplating a corporate reorganization*, I'm knocking out a quick round of Fast 10. Ten moves. Ten minutes. Pumped and back to work with a healthier break than the folks shuttling in and out for a smoke break.

The key to the system is the resistance bands: When I first started to investigate who was using these bands, literally back in the early 90's, I was impressed and surprised: I interviewed NFL star Walter Peyton, tennis great Tracy Austin, boxers, snow skiers, baseball players -- all who use the bands for resistance when they workout at home and on the road. Last year I was at major league baseball's spring training with my father and brother and saw the entire Philadelphia Phillies spring roster lined up against a fence using bands to work their core/abs. YES - professional athletes really do use these bands.

When anyone really learns how to use them, they see how great they work compared to a full set of dumbbells. The key is that they supply the greatest amount of resistance where the muscle is the strongest. That's called "variable resistance", and it's why studies show that bands increase strength faster than dumbbells. (six times faster, actually... go figure) And in the middle of a set, if you hit the wall, you can adjust the tension on the fly. try that with a Bowflex. Well, don't. Cause you can't.

That's the answer to the people that saw me in WOWY today doing Fast 10. And since most people reading this already own a set of B-Lines bands with the photo handles, I highly recommend you use that feature whenever you are short on time or motivation to get in a full Power 90, Slim in 6, Project; You or other workout.

Grab the bands. Give yourself ten minutes. You will feel great, and you will know you got in a great quick workout good enough to count.



Rambling Rose Cottage said...

I stumbled upon your blog. I think I'll give it a try. Thanks!

Mary Cecy said...

Carl, I never thought of doing Fast 10 for a quick workout. I got it just in case I got bored with the other items and have not even given it a chance.

I will do this as my am workout and TJ as my pm workout. I know I need all the energy I can get in the morning as we are short staffed and I am the go to person when that happens. Plus I love having all that energy in the morning. It drives others crazy ;)

Thanks for the advise,

Anne said...

Hey Carl.
Guess I shut down before my comment posted earlier! I'm so glad you reminded me about this program. We are going camping again this week and I didn't want to miss out totally on my workouts. Then I read your blog and thought...oh yeah..I could take Fast 10!
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl

I often use Fast 10 (Total Body) when I'm short on time (example) I don't feel up to doing 30-40 minutes and I don't want that guilty feeling of not pushing play.

It's great and I'm glad I bought and use it.

TIA (thanks in advance) for the Fast 10 blog.

HannahRNSWAMIMOMMY said...

That is what I too find so GREAT about the beachbody products. There is something for every lifestyle. More importantly is it is something fast that gives you great results!
Thanks for sharing!
Hannah aka RN/MOMMY