Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Customer Videos Reveal The Truth

I have spent hours since the Hawaii submission deadline reviewing customer videos we have received from Beachbody customers. I am blown away by hearing these direct comments from customers, in their words, with no prompt from any interviewer... "confessional style".

Case after case of personal stories show both how unique each situation is and how certain common themes appear. I am particularly excited at the role the MyBeachbody community plays in the success. Almost every video I've reviewed cites the Beachbody people who contribute enthusiasm and support to the concept of body transformation as a key to success. It is clear that this community that makes Beachbody not just another source of workout videos ("yawn"), but a comprehensive system of (1) workout systems (2) simple food guidelines, (3) online support tools, and the killer app... (4) the people who populate the Beachbody community.

That's what is exciting, because that's the kind of special combination that we can expand upon to improve on how effective our system is for people, and to widen the distribution of Beachbody.com as a unique resource for people who are serious about wanting to lose weight and get in shape.

Now, this entry has nothing to do with who will ultimately be invited to Hawaii. I just want to share the early review process and react to how the submitted video footage is so fun and so real. Some of the comments I have enjoyed so far include;

- The surprise of getting into "single digit" pants after 25 years of struggling with weight issues

- The value of a white bikini to motivate you when you consider skipping your workout

- An extreme couple who did their meal planning together each week - and got ripped

- The "distractions" which lead to the orange juice spill... where Power 90's "fast feet" on the towel came in handy

- Push-ups with your two-year old on back, and then loading the kids into your "fat" pants with you!

- A personal "screen test," with bloopers!

- Professional ballroom dancers that did Power 90 together to get in shape for a cruise! Come on!!!

- A woman lifts 70 pounds of dumbbells, to demonstrate how difficult everyday life was, carrying that excess weight around before Power 90.

- 36 year old mother of five max-out at 50 push-ups!

- Great quote: "I didn't know how bad I felt, until I felt good"

If you read this blog for motivation but do not participate in the MyBeachbody community, I cannot stress strongly enough how the greatest success stories with the most consistent progress come from the people who get their support from others who are doing the same program they're doing, at the same time. (Long sentence, simple concept: If you are struggling with motivation, the community is the secret to turning things around.)

Something about communicating with people who have been through the very program that is challenging you is magic. Other message boards can spiral into a pure social experience or gripe session, and don't have the same focus on real community support and persistence of this one. This support system is the difference between just another pile of workout videos, and the programs associated with the support and enthusiasm that comes from the coaches and members of MyBeachbody. From the comments of the hundreds of people who sent in their videos, I am more convinced than ever.

Of course, as the guy who came up with the name for the extreme program, P90X, it is a little frustrating to hear how many people insist on calling it "Power 90 Extreme". P90X. P90X. P90X.... But looking at the results people get with it, I guess you could call it "Sweating to the Oldies" for all I care. Thanks to everyone who submitted! I think we'll have the invitation list completed within the next ten days!


Mary Cecy said...

Well You know I do love Sweating to the Oldies, my kids all consider anything before the 90's eighties. Geez am I getting young or what?

Thanks for the post. And it is thanks to people like you that care that we are all here in this together.

Thanks for the email about the relief. Ben and I have contributed locally and hopefully more will. It hits so close to home not just the success but also the tragedies. So many people we know in that area and yet we still make sure that we are all fine and in good health. Many things can be replace, but the life of a human being. I thank God every day for the opportunity that I have to enjoy it to the fullest. Thanks.

BTW: LOVE Turbo Jam! Will that be a "sweating to the oldies too?" LOL


Anonymous said...

Hey Carl!

I love reading your blogs! And have I told you lately how much I love WOWY??? I had such a great time WOWY'ing with you last week. It was hard to do so at 9 pm, but worth every ounce of sweat knowing that you were on the other end doing the same!

I also love the BeachBody community. The boards have been lifesavers on those days where I just don't want to push play. I do it anyway, knowing that others are cheering me on to finish strong! Today was day 87!! I'm at the end--of this round! I'm taking a week off, then starting round 2 with my hub and my diet more in place (get those bad snacks out of the house!).

Major congrats to all those who submitted for Hawaii! It will be ME next year!

Cheers and Happy Tuesday! Sarah/Psalm9567

Anne said...

Congratulations for Beachbody! Hundreds of stories. That is awesome.

Mary Mc said...


The message boards, WOWY, and MyBeachbody truly are some of the keys that sets Beachbody apart from the competition. The boards have really helped to keep me going thru both the good times and the bad ones. I have made many friends for life thru the boards and have even visited in person with some of them. I think WOWY is also a fantastic idea. It's great to meet someone there and to know that others are working out with you. Your MyBeachbody site gives us even more information that helps to keep us focused and on track toward our goals. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity you've given us!

Mary Mc

HannahRNSWAMIMOMMY said...

Carl, your so lucky. It would be great to get to sit back and review all of those tapes. Hearing all the inspiring stories! Thanks for sharing some of the stories you have seen from the videos already viewed. You need to make a DVD/video of everyone together, even of the ones who didn't win the trip to Hawaii. I didn't submit this year. But, I think anyone who has results is already a winner! Good Luck to everyone. Congrats again to the few that have shared their success on the boards and in the chat room.