Friday, September 16, 2005

It's Oktoberfest - WOWY style!

Yes... I have no shame. I'll do anything to encourage daily WOWY participation and more success buddy activity within the MyBeachbody community.

We're repeating the $100-a-day giveaway we launched last October, with the same theme, artwork, and prize money. The goals of the promotion are (1) to encourage people to have a current photo on their WOWY identity, (2) and to turn up the October activity while we head into the holiday season.

As you may know, WOWY stands for "Work Out With You". It's our patent pending free-to-join super gym, where people who exercise at home can make themselves accountable just like they were showing up for an aerobics class at the gym (without the commute or grungy locker). It's the only community that gives you the sense that, even though you're working out at home, you're not alone!

Every day in October we'll reach into our cyber-ping-pong ball machine to choose the $100 winner from every member who logged into workout at WOWY, so long as they have an approved photo image.

We'll announce the winner of the prior day at the bottom of the home page each day, and send off another check for a hundred smackers.

So if you're going to workout, log in to WOWY, and based on the current run rate, you have about a one-in-300 chance* of getting paid $100 for your workout.

If you don't have a current WOWY photo, click here, log-in, and go to your WOWY Member page. At the bottom of the member page is "Manage My WOWY", and a link for "Change My WOWY Image". Follow directions, and we'll approve and post your image asap!

*odds based on my rough estimate of the number of WOWY workouts a day of people with photos.


Mary Cecy said...

Well you know I will be there!!! Now I got to plan for the next yr, 1 month at a time. Have you seen how many challenges are out on the threads and how many I am part of? I lost track!! :) Oh well, I will be doing this no matter what.
BTW, THANKS! Have I told you that I love ya!

Did your pic get a little sexier? MMMM


HannahRNSWAMIMOMMY said...

Talk about motivating us! WOOHOOOOO!!! Good Luck to everyone!

mermandrea said...

Carl.... You look FABulous!!!

Really funny pic....

Enjoying Turbo at home AND at school with a small group of other teachers.

I even started my own thread, something completely new to me, on the TJ message boards called TURBO TEACHERS.

Now if I could just catch an airing of the infomercial, after sweating (and sunburning) at Universal in May...

;-) Andrea

TuxBaby said...

Carl, I'd love to have a chest like yours....

But you can bet your money that I will be in WOWY each day. :-)