Sunday, September 18, 2005

I've Always Wanted to Live on a Boat

This is the view from the porch on my first floor. Normally you could see a sliver of sand down there. But not this week... Calm one moment, then SLAM a wave will hit the house the next!

You might have heard of the high surf conditions along the Southern California coast. Let me tell you, as a person who lives by the beach on the southern end of Malibu (the slums of zip code 90265), it's more like living on the water than by the water.

Honestly, the last few days of waves crashing into the foundation of this summer rental sounds and feels like I live on a tank practice range or in the center of Beirut. It's intense and shakes the entire building with a deep "BABOOOM!" every time a set of waves regroups to attack. Kind of exciting... But for a very light sleeper, it's also a great time to head to Vegas for the annual Electronic Retailers conference with Jon and the team from Product Partners. I'll try to post photos from the convention to give you a peek.


Anonymous said...

Hey Carl,

This has nothing to do with living so close to the water,but I wanted you to know that I finished day 90 on Saturday, 17 September! I am so proud of myself to be a "grad" and look forward to round 2 with my hubby!

Thanks for all these blogs that I love to read! Keep it up and have a great time at the convention!


Mary Cecy said...

Congrats Sarah!

Carl, I just LOVE the view! Have fun in Vegas!

HannahRNSWAMIMOMMY said...

Looks beautiful Carl... and I agree it does look like your living on a boat. :) Hope you have a fun and safe trip to Vegas!