Saturday, December 17, 2005

People Make It Happen

I could write volumes about the quality of the staff at Beachbody and Product Partners and I'd still never totally capture the enthusiasm, professionalism, and team culture that you can feel when you step through the door.

Last night was our annual holiday blow-out, which has come a long way since the very first dinner Jon Congdon, Rich Saitsky (our first VP of finance and operations) and I had at an Italian restaurant where we actually chose the wine off the menu based on how many airings of the Thin Thighs Guaranteed spot were playing that week on the Great American Country cable network.

It's a different story these days with a company of over 60 people celebrating our growth and the legions of satisfied successful customers.

Pictured here are a fraction of the people (and in some cases "their people") who make Beachbody work. There are a hundred others I wish I had photographed as the night turned into another showcase of dance moves and outtakes. (I'll consider posting the company video Robbie and Rick put together on this blog, once I clean it up a bit)

The bottom line is, there was a lot of love in the room, and a lot of relief that 2005, a transition year for the company, will soon give way to the promise of 2006. It's my job to make sure that this team has the resources and leadership to do what they do so well; Making Beachbody the leading innovator of in-home fitness programs and online support.

Here's to you Beachbody


irish_robbie said...

Hey Carl!

Congrats on a great year! Without you guys, so many of US wouldn't be as happy, or excited about fitness and health in general! Hope you all had an amazing blowout! You folks all deserve it!


Mary Mc said...

Here's to a wonderfully successful 2006!!! You deserve the best. Thank you and all of BB for a job well done! :-)

AZTLGRL said...

So cool to see some familiar faces! Thanks Carl!