Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Power 90 Never Stops

This is one of those posts that reads like a sales pitch. But, honestly, I am just so proud of this product, I am indulging myself.

We're in the final stages of shooting the next Power 90 infomercial this week, and the amazing-train that is Power 90 continues to chug down the Beachbody tracks. I just got done interviewing Alli Cormier on camera, a woman who lost 55 pounds at age 44, as she gets teared up about trying EVERYTHING else on TV including a litany of fad diets, only to fail over and over again. But when her husband Gil suggested Beachbody and specifically Power 90 she found real success. 55 pounds with Power 90? A product that sells on TV for less than a hundred bucks. Come on!

Randall Joiner has lost 140 pounds at age 33. He decided to get fit with Power 90 when he was at an amusement park and couldn't fit into one of the rides because he was too large. From no exercise at all, Randy took on Power 90 and the B-Lines to turn things around. His favorite aspect of the program was that the nutrition guide never told him he couldn't enjoy his favorite foods. That's what I'm talking about!

Craig Pincus is a chef who lost over 60 pounds and reversed an awfully high cholesterol problem! He went from a 38 waist to a 31. He used to have foot pain -- gone! -- now that he's not carrying all the weight. He made a great comparison in his interview to how he could pay hundreds of dollars a year on prescription meds, but instead, for less than a hundred bucks, he got healthy with Power 90 and kept the prescription money in his pocket.

Chris Girard lost 135 pounds with Power 90, motivated by medical problems and inspired by the real success stories and real promise of success of Power 90 which he saw in the last infomercial. He even lost 30 pounds in his first 30 days! He kept his motivation throughout the process by taking his progress photos every 30 days, and turning to the support community for encouragement (you guys rock!). Some of the moves were not easy at first, but he used Tony's modifiers to make it work for him while his body got stronger. He calls himself a walking billboard for the program, a product that cost him less than a hundred bucks which saved him thousands in future medical costs, and added years to his life. The emotional outpouring when he described his joy in being free to once again play with his 8 - yes 8 - foster kids was enough to get the entire crew sobbing.

It was another fun week, where we got to enjoy the people that make Beachbody a success of the most important kind. The stories which we heard from the Beachbody community over and over this week inspired us all, from Diva, Johana, Debbie, Brent, and the rest, and remind me to be grateful for how fun and important the work we do is.

I would be very surprised if the Sauna Belt, Bun and Thigh Machines, 6 second Abs, or even gastric bypass surgeons would ever get passionate testimonials like this. I am grateful for the amazing effort of these people and anyone who has join the healthy lifestyle we are advocating with Power 90.

As Chris Girard said: "I was 400 pounds. If I can do it, anyone can do it. The key is, you have to commit yourself to the program, to living this healthy lifestyle. Then, it absolutely will not fail."

Perfectly said Chris. This product has overcome the long odds of being a TV success over and over again. When we first launched Power 90, we were told it looked like too much work. When we took people to Hawaii to celebrate their results, we were told we could never get a second hit out of a show featuring real people instead of fitness models and celebs. And after we celebrated our one-millionth customer we were told it was time to retire the brand and move on. We'll see. I think this program is right on the mark, and will show us again that the Tony Horton Power 90 machine has a long way to go, and a lot more people it can help.


Koko said...

ROCK ON P90!!!!!!!!
Congrats to all of you guys and gals who did it and brought itr!
You all deserve our admiration and respect. Did I say "ROCK ON" yet?
I did? oh ok



AZTLGRL said...

You go C-Dawg! You indulge yourself! You deserve it!

psalm9567 said...

Diva, you look wonderful!! As do the rest of you BB lovelies!!

Way to go on your success and I can't wait to see the finished infomercial someday! We'll probably all be crying, too! Fitness is such a beautiful thing!


Ps: Carl, you made my day when I got the email to WOWY with you on the 1st!!

irish_robbie said...

YAY! Keep those infomercials coming Carl! If it weren't for the infomerical I would have never found you and I'd likely be eating pizza off my chest (with no hands) right now!!

Seeing our friends from the BB Community looking so happy after so much success is so inpsiring, no matter WHERE we are individually on our own personal journeys.

I'm glad we've got Tony Horton, Debbie Siebers, Chalene Johnson, Teigh and Gillian and Kathy Smith all working with BB to help so many of us with our goals!

Oh, and I'm glad we've got Carl too!!

Merry Christmas!!

Mary Mc said...

Great post, Carl! If anyone has ever had any doubts about P90, after reading your post they should have no trouble picking up the phone and immediately ordering it.

Thanks again for a wonderful time in Hawaii! And thanks to you, Jon, Tony, and all the other wonderful BB people! Have a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year!

mermandrea said...

JoBABYYYYYYY.... Yay......

Carl... this train just keeps going....

My life has CHANGED... since BB came into it.


Tony... Santa Monica.... August....

what more could a (newly single and loving it!!! did I say CONFIDENCE!!!!)girl ask for!

Like Koko said....ROCK ON...


PS Hi KOKO!!!!

DivaM said...

Thanks Carl!

The reason I bought P-90 was that it just made sense. No magic pill, no wieght loss drugs.....just great structure and effort. Not to mention all the success stories. P-90 is a machine! A fat burning muscle building machine!

Thanks for making losing weight a fun enjoyable experience. One that I have incorporated into my busy lifestyle for almost 3 years now!

You guys rock!


P.S. This past week was such an awesome experience! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of all of that! It was so special! ~D