Thursday, December 29, 2005

One-in-200 Chance to Win A Grand!

As an update, so far only a little over 200 people have indicated that they will log into WOWY on Jan 1 at 1PM ET/10AM PT, and NOT ALL OF THEM HAVE PHOTOS to qualify for the $1,000 drawing!

<<<< If you see this by your name when you workout in WOWY, you are not yet ready for primetime! We've got staff coming in late Saturday to clean up all the requests for photo uploads - so if your photo isn't uploaded yet, there's still time!

And if you show up, your odds of winning the $1,000 will be like, one out of 200. One in 200?! For working out! Seize your opportunity to make some do-re-mi for the New Year, and I'll see you in WOWY!


psalm9567 said...

Hey buddy!

Yay for WOWY! I'm ready for my close-up Mr. Daikeler!!

Okay, not so close, but I'm ready for primetime with my photo!

See you on Sunday!


Belle said...

Carl, I've been trying this whole week to get my photo uploaded for WOWY and have emailed and b/c my photo is still not showing up.

If you see this post, could you please let me know where to go for help getting my photo up? I really want to do the New Year's Day w/o!

Janice said...

I tried to upload my sons picture the other day and they rejected it *cuz he a children*... WTF... he is working out he is 7!! He wants to be ready for baseball season coming up in a few months..Other than that mine has been up for long long time, and I uploaded one for my husband, so this Sunday, me and my son and husband will be tearing it up with P90 !!

amywamy said...

I'm scheduled in for that workout. Not sure if I'll be able to workout at that time, but regardless, I'll be pushing play that day (though a chance to win does make me want to try to rush home that day).

AZTLGRL said...

Dude you guys soooooooo owe me a new TJ DVD set....grrrrr
I'll be there...Sick or not. Even if it kills me.

Mary Cecy said...

Well I am wowy scheduled, shox and TJ ready!! I will be updating the schedule of my workouts and start the new year with a BANG!! I can't wait!! Now $1000 or $100 it is all good, just like a bonus!! It is so exciting!!

See ya tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the peopel that will be going in late on NYE to complete the uploads.

psalm9567 said...


Help!! I worked out with you and TLC today, I logged into WOWY and left my message, clicked "Let's Do It!" and even saw the time thingie up saying I had 50 minutes left in my workout. So, I go workout, come back to the computer to log out and the screen is back to my WOWY page. There is no place to click "Done," no place to leave my ending message!! My calendar has a big X on it, saying I've done my workout for today, but my picture is nowhere to be seen in the 7 pages of WOWY people!!

What happened??? Somehow, I got kicked off so there goes my eligibility for the $1000! I am very bummed out about this, as I was looking forward to at least being in the running (though I didn't expect to win)!

Anyway, wanted you to know that I WAS there, that I DID sweat my guts out to TJ Cardio Party Mix 1, and that I am very happy to ring in 2006 with you and the rest of the BeachBody family! The money certainly isn't that important, but it was a great motivator to rush home from church, throw lunch on the table and change my clothes to sweat with you!!

So, have good Sunday! Looking forward to hearing who won and for more wit and wisdom from "BBLand."


DivaM said...

Logging on and working out was seamless. I think that you all handled the traffic beautifully!!

Kudos to Beachbody!!

Thanks for the added motivation to get moving in 2006! I look forward to another great year!!

Blessings, Diva