Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What's With The Pricey Push Up Stands?

You might think we're coo-coo, offering push-up stands for almost $40 when we already sell a set for $19.95.

Well, yes. We are coo-coo. But once you touch these, you'll understand; we're coo-coo like a fox, and you'll want the Power Stands for your home gym too.

This is what happens when, a trainer that is passionate about what he does, has time between celebrity clients who complain about sore wrists, aching hands, etc from doing push-ups. He thinks. He thinks some more. He looks at the common push-up stands he uses which are standard. He thinks. He kicks them across the room. He invents. And the result is massive leaps of improvement. Not cheap, per se, but better... remarkably better.

Tony went to work with the tooling folks and manufacturers, filed a patent application, and when they finally met his very narrow specifications, he had created the most heavy duty of all push-up stands in the land.

Now you're thinking "Ok. They're great push-up stands. So what?" Here's so what: Push-ups are an incredible chest resistance exercise, with multiple variations and dynamic benefits. The core benefits are often overlooked, but for anyone who wants to generate power throughout their physique, it's not generated by laying on your back and pushing a barbell into the air, it's by linking the entire muscular system using functional power moves - in this case, moves focusing on "push" from the chest. If you ever contemplated putting a barbell set in the basement (or, dare I say, a "Bowflex") think again about the value of these push-up stands for $39.95 and the core-strengthening/calorie burning benefits of push-ups that engage more than the pecs in your chest resistance workout. Synergy is what makes a workout ultra-productive. Now add the extreme comfort of these new stands, and we don't look so coo-coo anymore.

I'm making the point in this much detail because it's a little too much info for a simple sell page page online. But the blog is my little fiefdom, so this is where I can make it clear that: If you want to have a lean, solid core and a chest that is built and ripped, push-ups are THE way to get there. If you're going to invest in hundreds - if not thousands - of push-ups, these Power push-up Stands are a must. 'Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

well said carl, my brothers would love these. i can't get them for xmas now so i guess it's going on the b-day list.

Shabby Girl said...

AWESOME CARL!! Leave it to "THE MAN" to put his genius to work! My only complaint is couldn't we have had them for Christmas??? GEEEEZ!!! ;) My husband is the push up king and will LOVE these!!! (shhhhh they'll be for me too but don't tell him)

Way to go TONY!!!


Rolf - a Beachbody customer said...

The part of my body that needs more work than anything else is my chest. I've loved the way that Tony Horton's Power 90 - and now P90 Masters and (soon, for me) P90X - emphasizes no-frills, no-nonsense techniques such as pushups and pullups to develop the body. I'm already able to do one-arm pushups: something I never thought I'd be able to do in my life. I now realize how important and valuable pushups are as part of any fitness program, whatever one's particular goal is: strength or endurance, weight loss or muscle gain.

I just saw these new, improved pushup stands on the website and am ordering them to keep me headed in the right direction. Thanks, Tony and Carl!

(PS: Next request for a patent from Tony: a modified or adjustable-height pull-up tower for low-height spaces without a doorway - such as my basement: only about 80 inches high and no doorjamb. For now I'm improvising, but I'd love to see another polished, affordable Beachbody product addressing this need as well.)

Anonymous said...

It's great to see that Tony was able to get these manufactured at last! He'd been mullling over his idea for new stands for quite some time. I'm glad to see it has come to fruition! Another quality product from BeachBody!! Thanks!

Brian - a Beachbody customer from Burlington, Ontario, Canada said...

I have used the POWERSTANDS. As promised, yes, they are "extra-ordinary" in terms of quality and value!

I fully expect to add durability to that list. However, that is a factor of time and can only be proven later on down the road --- as a 6' 5", 220 pound lawyer, and recent graduate of Power90, I should be a good test case for putting some serious mileage on these new POWERSTANDS!

I would encourage anyone able to take the plunge (can't "resist" push-up imagery) and make a powerful addition to your ongoing fitness library. I believe, as Carl indicated, push-ups represent one of the most essential and simple components of effective workouts. The POWERSTANDS will be another great long-term investment in you. And isn't that worth $40?

On a separate note, the safety reminders provided with the POWERSTANDS offer this: "DO make sure that the lower end of the POWERSTANDS handles are facing AWAY from the user". In fact, though, it appears that the standard push-up form demonstrates a straight bar position with the lower end facing TOWARDS the user --- which, from my preliminary experience, seems the better way to address wrist strain. Carl, can you please confirm if my understanding is correct?

In any event, many thanks for yet another remarkable Beachbody product. This Canuck wishes you continued success in the quest to reverse the obesity trend (but, as you must be aware, your noble efforts are reaching beyond the borders of the United States). Good luck and bonne chance, in either of our official languages!

Carl Daikeler said...

I'll need to check into it, but I would tend to say whatever is comfortable, do that. I am also fguessing that the disclaimers for these stands are taken mostly from the other stands we sell, which this tip would be appropriate for.

I'll check though.

Anonymous said...

Yes... please check I am wondering about this as well...



Anonymous said...


I have wrist issues and Tony's POWERSTANDS have made it possible for me to do pushups. Me, a 40 year old, mother of two teens. They're comfortable, sturdy (they don't tip!), and safe!

Thanks Tony!

Lori J
Ontario, Canada

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say....they're worth every single Canadian penny!!! I'd buy them again, no hesitation!!!

Lori J
Ontario, Canada

Anonymous said...

Is there any benefit to the push-up stands that have been advertised that rotate with the wrists as you do the push-up?

Carl Daikeler said...

I have never used those stands, but they are not appealing to me. The angle of these is perfect. The grip is thick. And they are woven into the P90X+ routines in a way that makes it all work together.