Friday, January 13, 2006

The Water Cooler Workout (aka "Pee Yourself Thin")

Yesterday I was visiting a friend at his office and I noticed that he hardly touched water the entire day. He has lost some significant weight due to a heart scare recently which forced him to get more active and eat better, but as I walked around his office, I got an idea that might help him accelerate his weight loss and improve his heart health all day long: More frequent trips to the restroom.

I went out and bought him a case of water. Then I gave him explicit instructions:

> Drink three to four bottles a day at the office - some people drink that in diet soda. Kick that habit. Drink water all day long. You'll learn to crave it after a day. It's good for your blood. It's great for your body.

> About once every hour you'll need to go to the restroom. Walk to the one that's 30 to 40 yards away from your office - and don't take your time - walk with some pep in your step. (I am a little jealous that smokers get a break from time to time. Now I think water drinkers deserve a little break as well.) Consider doing a couple "kegels" and you're really maximizing the routine.

> When you get back to your office knock out ten to twenty quick, but clean push ups, ten squats, or ten jumping jacks. Your choice. Ten is enough.

> Do that 8-10 times a day, and by my estimate you'll burn off at least an additional 200 calories a day - that's 1,000 calories a week, or close to 4,000 calories a month. That adds up to more than an extra pound of weight loss a month, plus the healthy and metabolism-supporting benefits of proper hydration, and the mental and physical benefits of getting active from time to time throughout the day.

Give it a shot this week. See how much more conscious you are of living an overall healthy lifestyle when you sprinkle healthy habits throughout the day as well. It will start to be part of who you are.


irish_robbie said...

Great Post Carl! I'm a Water-a-holic myself! I can't get enough of the stuff! I've become a foremost expert in the city on WHERE TO FIND PUBLIC WASHROOMS because of this habit as well :)

Mary Cecy said...

Carl you had me at Kegel!! OMG I about fell off the couch while reading that. I agree with the water. I have recently found out about "True Lemon". You add a little packet and it is lemon water, no sugar and no need to add anything else. It is good and you will drink water faster and more often.. (that is my secret when water seems too plain or too blah!)

Gonna have to add some squats in the office. I don't think they will appreciate the push ups or the jumping jacks (maybe in the bathroom! :) mmmmmmm)

Have a great Day!

AZTLGRL said...

Are you back yet?
I'm having HUGE issue with CS my man..HUGE...So not hapy am I.

Anonymous said...

Great post Carl. I will do the push ups, squats or jumping jacks in the bathroom.

I am having a great time doing the new Turbo Jam live workouts. I loove them.