Monday, January 16, 2006

"Same Shirt ... Same Shot ... New Tom"

Okay. I am taking another liberty here, to show off. A while ago I mentioned the success of RESPONSE MAGAZINE editor as he put Power 90 to the test in front of audience of the direct response advertising industry's leading trade publication.

His latest editor's column just appeared, featuring his side-by-side before and after shots, and his brand new Editor's Photo. I have been in the infomercial industry for almost 18 years, and since this is the first coverage for something I have done... and it's positive... I have to admit I'm proud. (Here's the article, in case you're not a subscriber):

Dec 1 2005
Same Shirt ... Same Shot ... New Tom
By Thomas Haire

In the September issue of Response, I wrote about kicking off my test of the DR fitness product Power 90, a 90-day workout and food plan marketed by that has been a resounding DR success during the past few years. Throughout the fall, readers have been able to follow my results in a monthly weight-loss chart (below).

I'm happy to report, and I'm sure Beachbody's Jon Congdon and Carl Daikeler are thrilled to read that upon my day 90 weigh-in, I lost a total of 37 pounds. At a weight of 201, that's nine pounds below my original goal of 210! At the same time, I trimmed six inches off my waist, more than five inches off my hips, two inches off my chest and off each thigh, and toned about an inch of fat off of each bicep.

Above, you'll see a new "Editor's Note" headshot. In it, I'm wearing the same shirt and standing in the same location as my previous photo that has appeared in the magazine since March 2004. However, as the folks around the office have taken to calling me, "Little Tom" appears to have lost a chin or two. While I am proud of the work I did to achieve my goals, working the Power 90 program also made me proud of how the DR industry can help people improve themselves with quality, trustworthy products. Power 90 doesn't promise magic. Yes, with the program you can make some dramatic changes. It gives you the tools, the motivation and the knowledge to transform and commit to a healthier lifestyle.
But what I liked best about it is the self-reliance and self-motivation it teaches. In the end, it is up to each Power 90 user to make the program work for his or her specific goals.

Haire reached his original goal of 28 pounds lost with 20 days remaining in the program. Over those next 20 days, he was able to drop his weight all the way down to 201 pounds, a total loss of 37 pounds.

Once again, Tom nailed it with his conclusion. This is why, if I see you at an event or in Hawaii, I have such a hard time accepting compliments on how the Power 90 program "changes lives". It's the people that make the difference. But when the right person, and the right motivation, and the Power 90 program all come together at the right time -- magic does happen. (I wonder if I could get Tom to commit to "Bring it" now with P90X?)


TuxBaby said...

Woohooo that is yet another Success Story to rave about!! Congratulations, Tom! You KICKED it!!

Okay, so here's my plug in here, too... I have the workout set from The Firm- and thought I'd give them a try during the month of January. Their workout schedule was every-other-day with 1-2 days off on the weekends. A lighter schedule than P90- should be easier to tackle, right? Wrong!!! Their workouts are almost an hour long, and they are HIGHLY lacking in what I call the "fun factor". The thing that makes people WANT to push play and keep doing the workouts. Their workouts might be totally effective, but they are just not FUN. So today I skipped their workout and did the TJ Cardio Party instead (with January only half over)- because I wanted to have FUN. :-) And an hour with Chalene goes by like half an hour- and an hour with the clones of The Firm- feels like forever. Oy.

So Way to go, Carl & BB- for all the FUN TOOLS that work as well! The before-after pics of everyone's... they just don't lie. This stuff WORKS. And they're fun enough to keep doing even after the day-counts are done.

Thank you wholeheartedly,

Phoebe said...

Beachbody rules! Not only are the fitness programs effective but the motivational tools are a huge factor in successful weightloss and weight management. I'm very impressed with, the Beachbody forums and WOWY! The whole system works! Way to go Carl, Jon and the whole Beachbody team. More fitness programs please!

Mary Cecy said...

Carl, you are right. It was up to Tom to make it work and he did. Now that he has finished P90, get him to do Master Series and then P90x. I would love to see his results then. I am sure He will be a changed man not only at 201 but a fit and healthy one as well!!

WOOHOO!! Congrats Tom!

Brad said...

I was wondering do you ever send Canadians to Hawaii? Because I plan on having awsome results with P90X. I'm not trying to be cocky but I intend to bring it as many rounds as it takes for me to get the results I desire. Anyway I just thought I'd ask.


Carl Daikeler said...

It depends on what part of Canada you are from. I tend to vote more for folks from Ontario, but Jon tends to vote for Western Canadians. French Canadians are always welcome.

Ok I kid you. Only results matter. Geography doesn't. So bring it hard, eh?