Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

What a morning! We CRUSHED the previous WOWY record of 248 at once with 311 people logged in for their workout today. What a great showing!

Of course I am sure the giveaway helped. The lucky player was enorris!

So enorris starts off the year $1000 richer, and a day's worth of fitness thinner. Thanks to everyone who played - and don't forget that January is a month of action in WOWY with even more exciting stuff (especially for MyBeachbody members) through the winter/spring. It's gonna keep getting better - I promise!

Happy New Year everyone!


DivaM said...

Congratulations to enorris!

Carl, thanks for giving us the chance at that $1000.00 cash. I have been blessed more than you know and the money just would have been icing on the cake....figuratively speaking of course :P The benefits of persuing fitness far out weigh any monitary bonus....BY FAR!!!

So here is to another year of fun and fitness!!

Cheers! Diva

AZTLGRL said...

any relation to Chuck?
Congrats E.!

lgarnant (LouiseG) said...

Congrats to enorris!! I agree with Diva and want to thank you for the opportunity to win. It was also really exciting to be part of beating the old WOWY record!! There were more of us in WOWY yesterday at one time than were in WOWY all of December 31! Thank you for making BeachBody such a great company to do business with. And for giving us these opportunities to win and have discounts. And for making the space for the wonderful community that has come to mean so much to me and many others. Thank you. Here's to a great, successful year to ALL of us!

Kathy W said...

Carl - thanks for giving us all the opportunity. I had a blast working out with SO many people and it was such a great way to start the New Year!

Congrats to enorris!

CyndiLoux said...

Congratulatons enorris!

Also, congratulations to all of you who logged in and pushed play. We were all winners!!! Good health is priceless.

Thanks Carl for getting our butts motivated. 2006 is going to be a great year.

Happy New Year!


TuxBaby said...

Congratulations, enorris!!!

And thanks Carl, for providing us with the great giveaways to keep things lively! Not to mention the great workout programs, too. ;-)

Unfortunately though- my WOWY workout wasn't great yesterday because I kept wanting to check the computer to see just how many people had logged on! I was excited to see the numbers get bigger and bigger- and kept missing out on pieces of my workout! lol

At least I know that the rest of my workouts from here on will be more consistent without the WOWY-record distraction! Congrats on having the old record broken!!! That ROCKS!


Tina aka Help101 said...

As the others have said, thank you Carl. BB is my home away from home. I have taken off of work just to meet people in wowy and to wowy for P90 live! The camps and people who make up BB make it all worth while. My best times have been at (SA) camp and hanging with BB. SO, again, thank you for giving all of us our lives! Hats of to you BB!
Tina from Kansas aka help101

Liz said...

Thanks, everyone!!! I was absolutely floored this morning when I logged on to WOWY to workout and found that I won.

I've loved BB since I started Slim in 6 in July 2004. So, thank you Carl and BB for creating such awesome products and developing such a wonderful fitness/health community! Only with BB have I consistently exercised and actually enjoyed it. I really do feel fortunate to have found BB. So, to borrow divam's sentiment, the money is the icing on the cake.

Thanks again and have a great 2006. See you all in WOWY!

aztlgrl-no, I'm not related to Uncle Chuck. However, I have received some of his mail...unfortunately, no paychecks!

I hope I post this correctly as I've never done this before and my last post was lost...

Koko said...

Carl, sincere thanks for the support and encouragement and for this amazing company!

Wait till you see what I do this year with Masters Series and the X again!


psyknife said...

WOWY is an awesome thing! It really helps me get my butt out of bed so early!!! Can't wait to see what else has to offer this year :-)