Sunday, January 08, 2006

Where's Waldo?

Sorry I have not been updating this blog recently.

Here's why: The "weight loss season" is upon us, which crushes us operationally to keep up with demand, requests, and "issues". The entire team is focused on speeding up the website, which has been running slow over the weekend, and fixing some fixes-gone-wrong. in short... Management is not always glamorous.

The fun part of my job right now is this New Year's promotion inside WOWY... starting with the $1000 on Jan 1 to ENORRIS, and continuing with the $100 a day promotion - it's just that extra sizzle that makes logging in and working out a little more exciting. I love seeing the numbers grow as people realize their odds of winning are pretty spectacular!

I am traveling a lot in January on business, and I will keep updating this area as things happen. Next stop, Philadelphia to meet with the advisory board. If you see me running through an airport, please don't hesitate to say hi.


psalm9567 said...

Hey world traveller!

Be safe!! See you when you get back!


CyndiLoux said...

Make sure you're pushing play while away!

Have a fun and safe trip Carl!

Cyndi :)

Karen145 said...

Yes Carl the weight loss season is upon us and I find it very frustrating that after a yr of complaints to your technical support team I continue to have problems logging in. I often (more than not) am unable to login to account that your company gets paid for me to utilize. I am seriously considering stopping my account with BB as I find it very frustrating that I cannot login to wowy, VIP chats, read encouraging stories of other successful people. This doesn't do much for me when I am looking for some motivation and go to login only to continually get the response "the email address and/or password are not recognized" I have used the same email address and password since being with BB last Jan. When I do get ahold of someone either by email or phone I can login in for a day or 2 then back to the message of not recognized. I am only sending this to you cause it does not seem to be doing me any good with my continued complaints in the usual avenue. I have also asked for your email address, phone number or mail address so I could make you aware and have never gotten that. I think the owner should know when there are problems like this and I know I am not the only one who experiences this as others have complained about it in chat. Please help me with this problem, I so enjoy the BB community but if I am paying for something I cannot access then whats the point. I really feel I should somehow be compensated for paying for a service I hardly get access to. Thanks in advance for your attention to this problem.
Karen Moomaw
Karen145 (This is not the email address that I use on login but did not want to post my home email address here. Will give it to you in a private email if needed.)

Mary Cecy said...

As always busy Bus Man!! Yes website is a bit slow and I always hear tons of complaints about Customer Service and delays in shipping and emails sent about confirmation vs packages not going out. It is always something... I have been very lucky and always have received the best service and help from everyone in Customer Service. Received my shipping packages on time, unless they are backordered. I did learn to call and make sure that they were not. I always order from the website. Knock on wood, I really hope that everyone else gets the same kind of service. I did have a problem once with my login into the system and it was not my fault, it was a computer problem. I always hear about the good and the bad. I am always available for anyone that has a question, whether new or not.

So if you can't find and answer, send me an email. I will find the info. Usually do.. lol

XO Happy travels and if you are ever in Madison, WI, please let me know. I would love to meet, again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carl,
Just thought you would like to know. I am getting a page cannot be displayed when I try to wowy and when I try to order something via the web. Seems like you guys are having server issues. Your servers cannot seem to handle the volume of customers that beachbody is attracting. Anyway, just thought you would like to know. Hope your trip is going well.


Ingrid said...

Hi Carl,

I'm a big fan of BB. I have several of the programs and I really enjoy the variety. I am also a member of MyBeachbody Premium Diet and Support Club. But, there is a glitch... the VIP offers are not always correct. For example, right now I wanted to purchase the Performance Formula because VIP's get a 30% discount. When I add it to my cart it only gives me 20%. This is not the first time the VIP offer and the cart do not match up. Wish the tech guys could get this straighten out. I wanted to use a gift certificate I received with that offer, but I guess I'll have to settle for the 20% and be out the $8 (I ordered two bottles) between the two discounts. That said, I plan on adding to my collection of BB videos and will be renewing my membership to the club. Thanks, I’m hooked on

Ingrid - BeachHottie

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I've had similar experiences this year. Last year the customer service was excellent, but I suspect that sometime in January the call centre was moved to India, as I am no longer able to reach an operator that speaks english conversationally. (And yesterday I confirmed with one of your operators that the call centre was indeed moved to India)

My last order was shipped to the wrong address, despite spending a couple hours on the phone with various beachbody operators where I needed to spell the address out several times for them to understand. The call-time is mostly spent either spelling words so the operator can try to understand what I'm saying, or being placed on hold for several minutes at a time while the operator checks with someone else as to what to do. Very frustrating. I've lodged complaints through the website and have received the usual generic, polite replies, clearly written by someone without a firm grasp of the english language. I have no confidence that my concerns will reach anyone who might consider effecting change (hence my posting here, where it may or may not see the light of day).

I realize the cost savings that can be realized by sending this type of service overseas, but I would be more than happy to pay some type of premium in exchange for competent, knowledgeable customer service reps who speak my language functionally. I think your products are excellent, but unless the customer service improves I'll be unable to recommend Beachbody to others, nor will I continue to purchase your products myself.


Anonymous said...

Hello Carl,

Very glad that I finally found the way to communicate my disappointment at your staff. In early Aug 2005, I received a package with any authorization and I called your CS for solution of merchandise return and a refund. Meanwhile, I also posted message on CS general mailbox on-line and never heard a word back. Long story short; finally I thought I got this resolved and Nov 05, 2005 Steve from CS called and left a message saying a refund check was on the way to me. Today, Jan 13, 2005, I called and had a big argument with the CS supervisor Kevin Barker. He kept saying that I didn't return the package within trial period 30 days; problem is, I was waiting for Beachbody to respond and the merchandise was returned in the original unopened package.

You've been running this company with success, and I am sure you hate to see your customer got so upset with unreasonable treatment. I'd appreciate to hear feedback from you regarding a solution here.

The RA # I was given was X0523039. On the file, you have my contact info.

Thank you!

Camille said...

I really think you should move the call center back to the U.S. I've been reading numerous customer service complaints in the Beachbody forums and other fitness forums; and I also found out recently that your call center is India. Fortunately, I never had Beachbody problems yet so I did not experience talking with Indian CS people.

Carl Daikeler said...

Thank you all for the feedback. Yes, the site has had an awful week. Slow slower slowest. The web team got it to improve, but it's not quite where they want it to be as far as speed goes. They are busting their behinds to get it back to where it was, or better. (Our site is run in a huge IBM server farm in Northern California, and our issue is shared with some pretty big companies. Nice to know we're not alone. Still sucks though when you want to buy a DVD and the web won't let you.)

As for the customer service issues, we're constantly working to improve. And I imagine, since it's been the biggest thorn in my side since day one back in 1999, we always will be working to improve it as we grow. This time last year the hold times at customer service were up in the 25-30 minute range. It was insane. I started to wonder whether we were running a cable company or a fitness website the service got so frustrating. As we expanded to meet demand, we saw customer service costs triple. yes. Triple. That's the kind of thing that puts companies out of business. But we needed to answer the phones faster. Hmmm. What to do. What to do. How about India? We did a bunch of test calls. They sounded, Indian, but polite, smart, and patient. And the costs savings were almost as dramatic as the ability to answer calls faster. But that led to systems challenges and anger among people who are angry enough that they have issues to call to get solved, and are not in the mood to try and listen through a new accent to get satisfaction they deserve. You can see the ripple effect that happens, as we try to solve one problem, another one opens up. Hopefully though, it's like sweeping sand up off the floor of a summer cottage rental at the beach. You sweep a little sand this way, you sweep a little sand that way. Some gets in the dust pan, some goes under the dust pan. So you just keep sweeping bit by bit, this way and that. And eventually, if you care enough not to simply flick under the sofa for the next guy, the floor gets clean... then your kid brother runs in from the beach to score money for the ice cream truck, and you look down at the sandy footprints, and you start over.

Anyway, the point is, we care what you experience. The Beachbody staff and management are constantly trying to balance improved service with value. And I feel it every time someone posts a complaint which I wish I could solve directly myself. Again, thanks for letting us improve and grow at the same time. We work on every issue you bring to our attention.