Friday, December 01, 2006

Honestly, It's Not Easy

This morning, as so many mornings, I contemplated blowing off my workout, and blowing off those members I had committed to join in WOWY.

I hadn't slept well. My ankle, still healing from the summer tragedy on the kite tube was tight and painful, and the bed was alarmingly comfortable.

"What's one day?"
"Who's gonna miss me in WOWY?"
"I deserve the day off."
"Exercise in the morning just plain hurts."

That fricking inner voice is never exterminated. Lucky for me, I have the financial incentive of running the company to get me out of bed, because it's easier for me to promote fitness if I am walking the talk. Plus I have a stubborn/rebellious streak, that once I give in and really give myself permission to blow it off, my ego reverses on me and says "oh no you won't, you promised those people you'd workout this morning. Get up".

Once in my shorts and logged in, the momentum to make the workout count builds, but staring at the TV, there's still an inner fight going on.

"Screw it, let's watch the news.
"You're logged in so nobody will be the wiser."

Then I retort "Hit play you shmoe. You like feeling fit more than you like feeling lazy."

Over and over. Every morning.

As I get about a quarter into the workout, the bickering in my brain is so annoying that I funnel that energy into the workout, and by the last half I am generally cruising. But MAN it is not easy to get there.

I know I have shared similar experiences here, but as we contemplate some announcements in the coming weeks to help people get more motivated and to support each other, and as we look forward to the launch of the Million Dollar Body Game January 1st, I just wanted you to know that, even for me, it's the community and the desire to keep my end of the bargain to myself and you guys that gets me into that gym on the hard mornings. Thanks for being there for me.


psyknife said...

Honestly... we agree :-)
Thanks for the look into your struggles, Carl :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl,
I can so relate. Today is one of those days that man I just want to blow it off. Thanks for sharing! :-)


Anonymous said...

Like do you have a camera in my house! That's exactly what it's been like for me this entire week!

Glad to know that even superfit people struggle with the snooze button too!


Phyllis said...

Thank you for being here for us Carl!

Phyllis said...

WOW I finally can post again!

Carl I just wanted to say what an
awesome person you are. You are truly the most unselfish man I have
ever met.

Thank you for creating this amazing community. You and Tony, along with your wonderful programs have transformed my life, and it is because of this community that I have made so many wonderful and loving friendships!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

TuxBaby said...

OMG Carl- I go through that several times a week! And that's even WITHOUT the getting-out-of-bed issue, because I debate even once I've already been up and out of the house! Thanks for being so honest and so real- to show us that even from the top, you have the same struggles as we all might have. It let's me know that it's not just ME who can be unmotivated at times.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carl, thanks for being here for us. The BB programs are awesome. I have a question. In one of your august messages you talked about a new dance program called "Hip Hop Hustle". You told that this program is part of a new fitness program you are developing for release later this year. Can you give any update about this dance program? Thanks

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Carl Daikeler said...

Look for an announcement right here by Wednesday!

Trendz Girl said...


I am with you on the beckering in the head even after I push play, for at least 20 minutes into Tony's workouts. But once my body warms up, I love it. I would rather be fit then lazy myself!!

Anonymous said...

Carl, you are so right about this post! I just wanted to say that I love TJ & thanks for making these w/os for us! Is it really true that BB will no longer be affiliated with ebates? That has been one of the biggest incentive for many of us in ordering directly from BB. I hope you reconsider & make BB one of the ebates stores again.

Thanks, Belle :)

psalm9567 said...

Wow, Carl, I'm slow in reading this post, but man, that is my LIFE right now. My motivation is at an all time low. But, my family is supportive, both at home and here on the boards, so it is gaining momentum...

Thanks for the honesty,


Anonymous said...


What kind of pull up machine do you use at home? I want to purchase one and I was curious to what you're using.



Carl Daikeler said...

I use a tower which we used to sell, but discontinued. They are generally the kind you'd see at a sporting goods shop.

I would use the door pull up gym we sell because the grips are better, but I don't have a door that suites it.