Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Great Vendors, Run By Great People

Product Partners, the parent of Beachbody.com, is lucky to not only have exceptionally professional vendors supplying us with state of the art service, but some of them are the nicest people you can meet.

That fact is demonstrated by the effort made today by our West Coast fulfilment vendor, Imagine Fulfillment Services (IFS), a company which has been loyal, reliable, and which has acted more like a partner than vendor since we got started with them in 2002.

IFS founders Andy Arvidson and Jim Heffernan proved that not all vendors are created equal today when, in response to our holiday card (shown left) asking vendors to donate to Tunahaki instead of giving us a basket of cheese, chocolate, wine or other gifts, donated $1,000 to help the kids of Tunahaki build their new orphanage in Tanzania!

That's truly significant, because corporate holiday giving can be a nuisance, and most companies have carefully budgeted and spent their money to acknowledge the companies they work with.

I appreciate all our vendors, but this gesture was "above and beyond", and truly demonstrative of how lucky we are to be working with these kind of people.

To the extent others of our team have donated, I will add their names and information here, because we are so grateful to them for their service and their acknowledgment of our goal to help these kids. Of course, if YOU want to give, feel free to click here. It's good for a healthy jolt of holiday spirit that you can't get from egg nog, without a doubt!

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PuckHead said...

OMG yes! That is a tremendous gesture and a magnificent idea. The holiday gift box of cookies or chocolates is so hard to walk by but does no long term good to anyone. Fitness is all about replacing bad habits with healthy ones. Cookies are here today spoiled tomorrow. This holiday treat however will pay off for years to come!

I was recently discussing with a close friend a quote from famed hockey player Wayne Gretzky - "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"

Thanks for shooting big!

In general most folks are good natured at their core if given the opportunity. Beach Body had a great idea and they came through Big time!

How great would the world be if more people cared a bit less for themselves and a tad more for others?

The truth of the matter is that the latter can make U feel much better than the former!