Monday, December 04, 2006

Hip Hop, Beachbody Style

If you want a fun way to get incredible abs, we gotta hot one!

I hinted about a program in development at the company beach party last summer, and now its almost here: Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs... our first comprehensive aerobic/dance dvd system completely committed to shrinking and tightening your waistline without a single crunch or sit-up!

We discovered Shaun a few years ago when he would substitute-train during the Project: YOU! test group. He is a regular instructor at one of LA's premier gyms where the line to get in on one of his classes starts forming as early as an hour before it starts. When Shaun teaches, people show.

Shaun also is one of the most in-demand dancer/choreographer/instructors in the world, appearing in a different country on a new stage every month.

In the last few years, Beachbody has experimented with the fitness and music combination, and learned from masters like Teigh and Gillian and their mind-body-spirit sweatfest Yoga Booty Ballet and Chalene Johnson and her calorie torching Turbo Jam. Music, combined with the right kind of movement can help neutralize your resistance to exercise because it's just plain more fun. Add to the that the constant desire people have to achieve great abs and it clicked. Shaun was the right guy at the right time, because when you see what he can do with his simple "Tilt-Tuck-Tighten" foundation for moving in a way that strengthens your core and abs, you'll feel like we did; like getting out of your chair and trying it for yourself! It's THAT fun, and you really will feel it in your abs like no other program!

At the test group we ran last summer, people who didn't think they could dance, much less get great abs, lost as much as 58 pounds (yes, for real, 58 pounds in a test group!). Good stuff!

Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs is going to (finally) make getting great looking, tight, ripped abs, FUN! If the test group was any indication, it might even make exercise addicting! And each DVD has a chapter on it where they take the exercise moves and put them into dance form.

We welcome Shaun to the Beachbody team, and look forward to launching the product in the next couple weeks!


Renee said...

Hi Carl --

I was one of the 4 in the cast for Debbie's new Slim in 6 Express workouts and got to meet Shaun on our last day there.

I really had no interest in Hip Hop Abs before that trip, but Anna when Anna told me that she lost 5 inches in her waist in the test group, I was intrigued.

Then I got to meet Shaun and IMMEDIATELY felt his energy and excitement for life! I knew that I wanted to work out with him. He assured me that I could do Hip Hop (even if I haven't been dancing in probably 20 years :)).

So I'll be first in line to get these workouts. I'm planning to have my 16 year old daughter do them with me. She isn't overweight, but has always complained that she hasn't lost her toddler tummy :) -- These should do the trick!

-- Renee

psyknife said...

This sounds like LOTS of fun!
I used to hate hip hop and dance music, but since doing TJ and becoming certified to Turbo Kick it's really grown on me and I find myself busting a groove (despite my two left feet).
This is defintely one that I will be trying out (I was actually thinking today about taking a hip hop dance class to help me with the dancy stuff in TK so that I can really shake my junk :) ).

I'm hoping that once I get my full group fitness certification that I will somehow be able to develop a Belly Dance based cardio/core routine that clubs will let me teach.
I enjoy core routine that doesn't always involve all crunches.
Oh... so many plans!!!!!! :) :) :

Anonymous said...

I'm a 43 year old mom of two, 16 & 12, and even I'm excited about this workout! The even though I cannot dance the thought of a full ab workout that I don't have to get on the floor to do is reason enough for me to buy it! Can't wait to get my hands on this one! I think my daughter will love this as well!

Staten Island, NY

AZTLGRL said...

He's hot. I'll buy it just to look at him.

Charline said...

Aztlgrl... I'm with you!! :)

iFit said...

OMG! Carl he's freaking hott! I agree with aztlgrl I'd buy it just to look at him. Yummy!

Lol, I was actually browsing the product list at when I saw the link for hip hop abs. I was like huh? What's that and curiosity got the best of me and I saw the coming soon tag. I've read the entire webpage and I can't wait to get my hands on this!

Thanks for not only making fitness fun, but for always introducing us to fun and new ways to get in and stay in shape!

New York

irish_robbie said...

Heck I'll buy it so I can learn how to Rap about my workout! ;)

Anonymous said...

So when can we buy these? I want them for Christmas? Hopefully soon. =)

Lyric78 said...

Any word when these are coming out? I'm really looking forward to it!