Thursday, June 28, 2007

300,000 WOWY Workouts!

Yesterday we reached 300,000 workouts for the year in WOWY! (WOWY is an acronym for "Work Out With You", and is our online gym where people log their workouts and invite workout friends to help them stay accountable to their workout plans)

That's an average of almost 1,700 workouts a day this year! And what's impressive is that the most popular system on WOWY right now is intense P90X. That's a lot of hard work.

We're hoping to see the numbers stay steady or even grow through the summer, although since many people take to the outdoors for their summer activity, it's easy to forget to log in. This year might be different than past years since we choose a random prize winner every day to win $300 in cash, or iPods and camera gadgets, with one day a week serving as the "mystery day" where we give away $1,000 to someone who logs their workout in WOWY.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who got us to this milestone. Our peak is still 522 working out at one time, but I suspect we'll see that topple later in the fall. But for now, keep logging your workouts, keep submitting your success stories each month (Sunday July 1st is the next qualification deadline!) and Keep Pushing Play!
And if you're already a member of WOWY, we're hoping to see you update your WOWY photo with one of you in a swimsuit by Labor Day -- accept that challenge and you've got REAL motivation! Over 100 people have already joined the WOWY swimsuit challenge group.

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tquiose (Chelle) said...

Hey Carl,

I know this was mentioned to Traci and Tony's NY Camp last weekend but since we're on the subject I thought I'd bring it up here. I love to WOWY and schedule my workouts with my buddies but I do doubles and it's frustrating that I cant only invite people for 1 workout a day. I wish we were able to do that multiple times in wowy. I'm sure you'd see the number of people in wowy increase even more!