Friday, June 08, 2007

The WOWY Swimsuit Challenge

As you may have heard, I recommended that you take this summer to complete a full 12 week program of Turbo Jam, Power 90, P90X, or Hip Hop Abs. Well, Katie's Bikini Challenge on YouTube gave me an extra idea when I signed into WOWY yesterday: The WOWY Swimsuit Challenge!

Here's the motivator: Your goal is to workout, eat right and take your supplements with the commitment to update a new WOWY photo by Labor Day, displaying yourself in a swimsuit!

(2) Buy the swimsuit you've always wanted to wear, and hang it near your workout space
(3) You've got three months to make it happen!

And consider doing what Katie did - updating us with a YouTube video once a week or so.
It's not a bad motivation to keep your profile updated either, because then you'll have a great photo to enter into the Million Dollar Body Game, because, if you can believe this; I am told we had yet another category where the $1,000 prize and the chance to qualify for the $250k grand prize will go unclaimed for June! It's crazy! Any submission would have one that category!
I like to recommend coaches ask their customers to update their pages every week, or every month at least, especially while they are trying to complete a program or reach a specific goal. THAT'S where consistency and persistence come from -- staying accountable with regularity. And your MDB Club profile is the place to keep yourself on track!
So update your stats and your profile, visualize that perfect swimsuit photo, and I'll see you online!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carl! I'm in! I was the second person to join the WOWY group (after you)!

Judy (cani)

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm in. I have not worn a swim suit for a long time now. It's June 18, so I'm joining in a bit late...but it's never too late - is it! Thanks for the extra motivation.
I'm going to do my best!

LuckyLynda on the MDB messagaboards.

Anonymous said...

Well I just found out about this, but his has been my goal all along. I am planning on a vacation the first week of September on a beach somewhere (possibly Florida) and I want to look great in a bathing suit. The added bonus is that my sister's wedding is on September 15th and I am a bridesmaid so I want to look gorgeous and wow family and friends. I am in!

Marie (Reebie on MDB)

Anonymous said...

I'm in too. I have been also trying to get back in a 2 piece bathing suit where I can look good and there's no need need for me to cover up or suck in my stomach for others to not notice how out of shape I'm actually in. I was also promised by a friend that if I can lose the weight and tone up he will take me on a cruise so that is my goal, bring it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl! I'm in too! It's a bit late, June 28th, but better late than never! And that is the week of my vacation, so I would love to be able to get into a good looking bathing suit! I most definitely accept your challenge!

Julie (ksmom in wowy)

Anonymous said...

Hey I am game......just to look decent in a one piece bathing suit.
Just found out tonight, June 29, its a goal anyway to just physically improve...

Rosalinda said...

Hello Carl,
I am happy to join the challenge! Next year at this time, I am going to be one hot Mama with a sexy beach body!


by the way, it is really inspiring to see you working out in the morning!