Monday, June 04, 2007

International Extreme!

This is Dave Baldassi, the New Business Manager at a comapny called Northern Response. They do a great job distributing popular Beachbody products into non-US territories. (You should see Turbo Jam dubbed into Japanese!)

After seeing the success Jon Congdon and I had with P90X, Dave decided to try it for himself. I am always excited when an infomercial-industry veteran tries one of our products, because it gives us a chance to show that in fact, our products and our success stories are for real.

Dave's incredible success is his to enjoy, because he did the work. But it's always exciting for me to know that Norther Response, the company who is helping people in other countries consider these programs, now shares our enthusiasm based on Dave's personal experience.

Here is Dave's own testimonial which he emailed to Jon Congdon this week:

Jon, Here is my P90X story:

P90X Stats

Start Finish
Weight 203 187
Body Fat 19% 11%
Waist 35 31

Push Ups: 43 63
Pull Ups: 1-2 6-8
Wall Squat: 2:04 3:53
Toe Stretch: -10 0

Fat Loss: 17 pounds

My Life Before P90X
Every once in a while a person needs to remind themselves of what they are truly capable of. My diet had been a steady mix of good and poor nutrition on a daily basis for years. While I had lifted weights three times a week based on isometric holds I did zero cardio or stretching. My diet had become more sugar and carb heavy over the years. Aches and pains were becoming more prevalent each year. My toe stretch was a brutal -10" to start. I could reach around mid shin-bone. I had cravings and food addictions and I didn't hold back from feeding them. I often lived in a state of instant gratification, moving from one meal to the next as hi-lights of the day. Beer, Chips? -ok, Brownie?-sounds good. Given my eating habits and the way I packed food back I now wonder how I only weighed 203-206.

Two things finally inspired me to act. While getting some sweet action I happened to catch a look at myself without clothes on in the full-length mirror. Who is that guy, I thought as I saw the bulbous fat layers around my mid-section. " That's not me-I'm in good shape. Are you? Take a look fat boy-you've been kidding yourself." I really was out of shape. It's amazing how our own self perceptions and ego can mislead us.

It was time. But at 41 can you get in to top shape? When I saw the
P90X infomercial and the results you and Carl and people in their 40's had gotten it completely changed my belief system about what could be accomplished through diet and exercise at this age. Without a belief in an outcome it would be hard to put in your best effort. I knew it was time to put the sample Beachbody sent me months earlier to the test.

Ego got the better of me for sure on this one guys. In retrospect, I should have taken the advice in the program and done a Power 90 before embarking on this journey.

During P90X
I think the best way to start is to say thank you for an absolutely awesome product. I can't begin to imagine what went into the making of this product-I really can't. It truly is phenomenal. I have more respect for you two then you know. You create quality products and you practice what you preach. This course far exceeds the price you charge for it and would easily be worth $499.00. I also believe the wealthiest people are those that help the most people so any success you have is well earned!

The food plan was great-tough but great. This was the toughest part of the program for sure. Eating till you are no longer hungry is much different than eating until you're satisfied. However, I did notice that your nutrition plan eliminated my cravings for junk food which was good as I had to make every calorie have nutritional value as dropping 20 pounds of fat is no easy task while trying to fuel muscle growth. I had a three full inches of blubber around my waist. My before photo doesn't truly capture it as I store the majority of my fat on my lower back and butt-which I think was another reason I let it go so long (it was out of sight). I now fully appreciate the dedication it takes to watch what you eat for months; from airplanes, to hotel food, to social events, you really have to want it.

At first the workouts were so hard they would beat me before I could complete them. I stayed with them the whole way, but truly became wiped and ineffective later into the DVD. But you know, if you just stick with it, and keep putting good fuel into your body great things happen.

My cardio improved dramatically. My strength and flexibility started to improve. The fat tides started to recede. Workouts became so engrossing I lost track of time just trying to do the movement properly. No way was I going to let these guys on the dvds kick my ass. Besides, Tony is older than I am and couldn't argue with -"So no excuses from any of you.". My body really limbered up, which to me was the most amazing. Pain disappeared- chronic pain I had for years. Often mornings before I had to do a tough workout on an empty stomach I would visit the Beachbody website and spend ten minutes reviewing the before and afters for inspiration-and it really helped knowing others had made the journey.

I never got bored with this program-actually quite the contrary. It is not only the volume of workouts that keeps it interesting, but each workout Tony makes it fun and challenging. I would be in the middle of a brutal workout, sweating profusely, and Tony would have me laughing with a joke. I learned what it means to really train, to "bring it" and the results you can get when you put it all together. While I completed the program -mastery of it is the vision. It is also great to know that at anytime in the future in 90 days I can completely rebuild and re-energize my body. People often asked me "What do you do when it's over?" I reply, the same thing I do with at the end of any day I care about, you get up tomorrow and put in a solid effort.

Great Gift
Someone who hasn't gone through this can't understand why I call it a great life experience. It's like trying to describe how an orange tastes if you have never tasted one. You just have to experience it. We can all fall into the trap of living in states of instant gratification, but we are most proud of our lives when we are strong and disciplined. Do you want your last great life experience health wise to be 20 years ago? I didn't. I am very proud of having gone through the program and giving it my best effort but I am not done yet with P90X. If I can produce these results starting at 19% body-fat-how would I do on this program starting in good shape?

Taking on an awesome challenge, giving it your all and completing it gives you a great sense of accomplishment. Beyond the physical it then elevates all other areas of your life where you were living at a comfortable level. What else can I accomplish in my life? Perhaps it's time to find out. I'm 41 and lean and mean thanks to the X!

Greatly Appreciated - Dave Baldassi


Jon Congdon said...

Dave clearly brought it! The best line, the one that I identify with and actually now inspires ME is: "Do you want your last great life experience health wise to be 20 years ago? I didn't." Who reads that without wanting to kick some butt?!

Jon Congdon

Anonymous said...

Where do I get some of that sweet action myself??????

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a transformation. Very inspiring. I respect the honesty and the truth in the message. Really hit home.

Issis said...

You Have motivated me to do my work out today. I am currently in the 4th "Recovery " week but fell behind due to travel east Coast. Time change was dificult but I'm home now. Ready to Bring it!