Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Mom Loves Her Yoga... Booty Ballet

I got an email from my mother this morning talking about her success with one of our programs... The context is ironic, my mother giving me a testimonial for our Yoga Booty Ballet. Because, since I was eight years old, I can remember waking up to see my mom on the green carpet of the living room doing her yoga or following Jack Lalanne on TV. Her example didn't make me like working out unfortunately, but she definitely taught me it was necessary.

Now, at 69 years old she can dance all night and wrestle on the ground with her grand kids like you think just isn't possible. It's all because she never took her mobility for granted. (Thanks for that mom!) So she sends me this email this morning after my sister Robin recommended Yoga Booty Ballet... here's what she had to say:

Hi Carl,

I just finished my yoga booty ballet and couldn't believe how I could do it all on only my third day home from Europe, and deeply in the process of jet lag. As I was doing it I decided I'd write a "thank you" to you, and if you wanted, you could use it for a testimonial if you wanted. At least I want you to know how much I appreciate this yoga/exercise program.

I was getting a little lazy with my exercise ritual. At the same time I began planning my trip to Damanhur, in Turin, Italy. I saw the itinerary and got concerned that my body would not be strong enough to allow me full enjoyment of the trip. I decided to try yoga booty ballet and did it pretty much to your suggested schedule.

I could feel myself getting stronger and stronger. I had a month to let it work for me. Well, it was the best decision for my 69 year old body, for I could never have functioned as well without it! I found myself going up and down long flights of stairs, staying 100% engaged in long hours of classes and tours, and going from 7:00AM to Midnight (even having a glass of wine for dinner!) feeling strong throughout!

I am so grateful! The trip was wonderful, and my gratitude for my ability to be totally present is huge. Thank you Sweetie. The work you and your company does is awesome.


Denny Daikeler
Allied ASID Speaker/Author/Interior Design

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