Saturday, August 04, 2007

Malibu's Beachbody Beach House

Malibu has a new hot spot this summer, the Beachbody Beach House on famed "Billionaire's Beach"!

This is a little PR opportunity created to get the word out about Beachbody by Janna Rochelle. She makes sure that at each event, we showcase our products in front of the Malibu paparazzi while celebrities get a little sun.

If you want to follow the action, the best place to visit is the Beachbody Beach House page on MySpace. That's where Amanda, the Product Partners "PR Pixie," keeps all the latest events and media loaded so you can see who might be spotted next sitting on a Beachbody swiss ball.

(Hilary Duff - pictured here, was first!)

We've seen beach house mentions in US Weekly and all over the Internet, and for the rest of August we'll be having celeb workouts with our trainers which should make for some interesting media.

The fun part is watching the online videos and seeing if you can spot someone drinking a P90X Recovery Formula shake or reading the back of a Hip Hop Abs DVD inside the house in the background.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the explanation. I saw this photo a while back and thought, "Hmm she's sitting on a beachbody exercise ball."

Thanks so much for creating this company! It has been lifechanging for me.


Jess from Toronto Ontario said...

You are absolutely handsome. Your wife is a lucky woman. After seeing you on P90X infomercial, I thought to myself.. " Wow, what a change. Your body looks absolutely fabulous!" Good Job!

Alice said...

Yeah, but we all know Hilary is snotty. It was nice meeting you at Camp TK. Cheers!