Friday, August 17, 2007

Power Blast and more!

In case you're wondering what it's like to be in a Tony Horton workout video, Beachbody success story and coach Perry Tinsely interviews Mark Briggs in his "Power Blast" podcast this week, where they'll talk about his appearance in the production of the upcoming P90X+ routines.
All I know is, watching these routines come together, Tony managed to organize moves that make P90X look like a beginners program. They're incredible, with original music composed by the band Chicago's lead singer, Jason Scheff. These routines will be unprecedented.

Pictured here with Tony, Traci Morrow and Mark, Mason Bendewald, the original director on the P90X workouts is back and cooler than ever with a goattee and putting the finishing touches on the new workouts while he also finishes up Tony's new Ten Minute Trainer programs, also due this fall.
Note: My wife just looked at the photo of Briggs from way across the room, and asked me "Is that Ghandi?"... Oh yeah it's Ghandi. It's Extreme Ghandi!... Extreme Ghandi+


Anonymous said...

Being the exceptional business man and marketer that you are, can you differentiate MDB from others like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nurtisystem and the Gym in a simple Core message? Not a hook but something if you only have 30 seconds what can one say to stand apart from the rest. Mentioning the money isn't that big of a draw in my experience thus far.


Carl Daikeler said...

That's an easy one, because it's like comparing Folgers, Taster's Choice and Maxwell House to Starbucks (We're Starbucks in this example). Beachbody and MDB solve the entire problem, with an emphasis on the BIGGEST problem: consistency. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Nutrisystem are food solutions to the problem. But health and a strong metabolism requires muscle, flexibility, and stamina for real quality of life. A gym or any piece of equipment also solve just one piece of the puzzle. Beachbody and MDB supply the eating guidelines that simplify achieving a proper diet so you can eat "normal food" with an undersatnding of what's right and what's wrong. Plus our fitness systems deliver the most incredible motviation and information, making it simple and convenient to get results. Add the community to the equation and you have a system for support and encouragement that is unmatched. And for those that need a little extra reason to live a healthy lifestyle (like me), the money motivation can keep you focused on being "a product of the product" - to be your own success story in order to attract others who would like results like that.

A complete solution (fitness, diet, with social support), convenience (home workouts, regular food, online support), and the extra motivation of getting paid to participate makes Beachbody and MDB incredibly compelling. And the proof speaks for itself -- literally thousands of success stories.

Anonymous said...

Perfect explanation, Carl. The key to the success of Beachbody and Million Dollar Body is the community. I often say that anyone can go to Walmart, buy a Tae-Bo video and get a really good workout but how long will they stick with it when they are not getting the support, encouragement and even the occassional kick in the pants that the Coaches and boards provide. I know I could not have experienced the success that I have without them.

Joey, just tell them your story. Why you are here and why you have been successful.

Thanks for everything Carl.

Robert aka HarleyGuy

Matthew said...

when will we find out more about p90x Plus?

when is it coming? what can we expect? how insane is it? previews?

Carl Daikeler said...

They will be available before Christmas. I'll start posting some previews here in the next couple weeks!

MelanieB said...

Starbucks, baby, yeah! :-)

Your wife's Ghandi comment is brilliant... I almost spit water onto my computer screen.


Thanks, Carl! I can't wait for these workouts!

Mark Briggs said...


I'm so glad to have been a part of the new P90X + series. It was a dream come true and an absolute honor!

Thanks for all that you do!

Mark Briggs, (Ghandi's stunt double)

DavidJ said...

Geeze Mark! Are you at .005% Body fat? Wow you look awesome! Great work man. Can't wait to push play on these new videos!

Dave Daikeler

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl -
Well - I've become a believer.. Your approach with your products makes it attractive to most, in my case a baby boomer demographic in late 40's losing shape wanting to get back in shape. For me it was P90X & Tony Horton - great system, great product, great job. it's a great program!
I CAN see Beachbody being the to fitness what Starbucks is to coffee.. The key question is - the BIG question for you is: how can I invest in your company!?!


Carl Daikeler said...

You can invest in the company by becoming a coach -- and helping us recruit more people to support our customers on their way to success... And you will not only enjoy the same feeling of fulfillment that I enjoy everyday, but earn a share in our sales that you deserve for being a proactive part of the solution!

Anna said...


Your explanation of what differentiates Beachbody from everything else is perfect. I wrote an article on my blog, inspired by my experience with Beachbody, entitled "Why do we quit when we want to be fit?" The central idea was exactly what you said - an integrated, complete program is essential to fitness success. Here's the link if you want to take a look: