Monday, August 13, 2007

What is Million Dollar Body?

A friend asked me to describe Million Dollar Body to him in 500 words or less. I don't think I hit the word count, but or anyone just tuning in, here's what I wrote:

What is Million Dollar Body?
Million Dollar Body (MDB) is Beachbody's revolutionary system to lose weight that combines fitness, portion control, and supplementation with remarkable motivation. That motivation comes from the income potential of representing to friends, family, and co-workers that this system works. You prove it works by being a success story yourself. There's the one two punch: Get a Beachbody program, and join the team to give yourself unprecedented motivation to succeed.

In the last 8 years, Beachbody has created a community of people who are turning around the trend of obesity by making sure that health and fitness is a regular part of their own lifestyles, and who are supporting each other to remain consistent. Our coaches are the elite of Beachbody, because they didn't just get inspired to lose weight to buy a product, but they saw it all the way through. And now they are going a step further, and helping others succeed as well.

As was found in the recent study, obesity is "socially contagious". That means it can be easier to become what you hang around with, whether it's obese, or lean. Our coaches harness the power of this community through our patented internet applications to make it easier to associate with like minded people to get results with any Beachbody product. The community is the thing, which makes it more convenient and less expensive to achieve real health. MDB is Beachbody's super motivation machine.

Every day, MDB gives away up to $1,000 to people who log their workouts in WOWY to show they are staying consistent. That motivation is free to everyone!

The Club:
For $2.99 a week, members get access to diet planning tools, celebrity trainers, coaching, newsletters, and other features that no other club offers, anywhere:

Special club features include:

> The Million Dollar Body Game: Members keep themselves motivated by entering their transformation stories in the Million Dollar Body Game each month. It hardly matters whether you win or not. What members get out of it, is an extra push to stick with it every day and every week so they can be personally proud of the progress they are making. The knowledge that you will enter your results no matter what they are is a remarkable personal motivator to watch your portions and increase your intensity. And that motivation is there every month through the game. The Million Dollar Body Game then chooses success story winners from men and women who entered in four age categories. The best two of the month get $10,000. The other six get $1,000. Everyone who wins is entered into the annual contest where the best of the year in each age group wins $50,000 -- and the very best male and best female success story of the year get $250,000!

> Club TV channels: This is the only place where TV is all about fitness, weight loss and wellness. Multiple channels in development feature programming featuring the community - where YOU are the star, plus exclusive video tips from our celebrity trainers, thin kitchen cooking shows, style segments (and from time to time some stupid stuff only I would think was worth the effort.)

> The Discount: Club members save 10% off all their purchases through the MDB website. Coaches save 25%.

> Support from Coaches: All members have access to a personal coach who's job is to make sure you know how to get the most out of the club, and to help you get the most out of every product you purchase. (That's how easy coaching is... and when someone on your team succeeds, you'll feel like a proud parent watching your kid graduating with honors)

The Coaches:
Coaches are our elite customers. They get it. The do it. And they help others. The best description of how I want coaches to look at coaching Beachbody customers is written in a blog post called The Three Keys. I know this is cheating, because that's a couple thousand extra words right there)

In short coaches should:
(1) Live the healthy Beachbody lifestyle
(2) Help support other people to live the healthy lifestyle
(3) Find other people who want to do #1, #2, and #3

Other coach benefits include:

- The benefit of income motivation to get them to keep consistent with their own transformation

- A fixed 25% discount off everything for sale at Million Dollar Body (which is most everything for sale at Beachbody)

- Early-bird release dates. Coaches have access to new Beachbody product first, and ALWAYS at the lowest price.

- "Emerald" coaches get assigned customers through our other Beachbody marketing activities, so they're really no selling required, only supporting and motivating.

- Coaches get $430 worth of our products for $199 if they buy the "Showcase pack" within 60 days of joining.

- Each month Coaches compete in the monthly "Top Coach" competition to qualify for a free trip to Hawaii to participate in the MDB leadership summit and commercial production. Top Coach is judged on product sales, coach recruitment, progress of their team, and participation in WOWY, etc.

- Coaches get commissions on their customer purchases, plus bonuses based on team volume

- Checks are paid WEEKLY!

The Products:
- Club members get 10% off everything at Million Dollar Body, Coaches get 25% off.

- These are the same products sold at and on the company's TV advertising. Through member/coach discounts they are sold at the lowest prices anywhere.

- Emphasis is on consistency, so "Home Direct" delivery of supplements is recommended.

The point of all this, the club and the coach network is consistent success: Giving people the same body-transformation motivation which helped me get ripped for the first time in my life with Power 90 and P90X - because my business depended on my transformation. And in turn, we're building a network of support that is unprecedented.

That's what this is all about -- and if helping others and income motivation might help you succeed where other weight loss programs have not, check out Beachbody's at!


Anonymous said...

The club looks great and the million dollar body game success stories look like a great opportunity. It seems most the winners have lost a lot of weight.

Is there any hope for someone who is in relatively good shape to join the club win as a success story or is it just for people with a lot of weight to loos? I am thinking of starting with p90x?

Eva said...

Hi Carl,
I've been one of your coaches for a couple of weeks. My life has changed. I'm still not in the shape that I want to be in but I know that's coming. What has changed is I've been able to get my family involved. What has also changed is that every day I look forward to working out and I never ever thought I would say something like this. As James Brown would say: "I feel good!" I think WOWY is sheer marketing genius, and I love what you say about redistributing the wealth away from drug companies and giving it to the people. Your explanation of MDB in 500 words or less is spot on and I'm going to pass it on to everyone I know. Many thanks from your Coach Eva.

jason said...

Hi Carl,
I've completed a couple rounds of P90 and am starting P90X the first week of 2008. I am interested in becoming a MDB coach, but there's one snag; I live in Singapore. I am a US citizen and still have US bank accounts, but the financial aspects of building a business overseas may be too complicated. Any thoughts?
- Jason

Carl Daikeler said...

First -- Congratulations on the consistency with Power 90 and P90X. That's what it's all about!

It's a little early for us to consider Singapore right now. We're still working on getting the regulatory hurdles cleared in Canada! But it won't be too long before the gates are thrown open and this is a worldwide phenomemon.

For now, you'll have to settle for being strong, lean, and ripped!