Friday, August 31, 2007


If you set out to continue your transformation this summer by participating in the Labor Day Swimsuit Challenge, it's time to send in your swimsuit photos! I'll be submitting mine to the team this weekend, so when I'm in WOWY next week, I hope to see how the rest of our group did!
But it's not just about the shape of the person in the swimsuit, it's about the health of the body in the swimsuit too. Case and point; My own brother and MDB Coach; David Daikeler. (pictured here, about a year ago, and below now in swimsuit!)
Despite his big brother (me) running a health and fitness company (or maybe because of it), David never ate a vegetable or a piece of fruit, or really even thought about the benefits of exercise. Fast food, candy, diet soda and cigarettes were on his daily menu. And you could tell.

That changed when he signed up to be a coach. The prospect that his income could grow substantially while he kept his "day job" and that he could have more energy and be a better role model for his young sons was the "killer app". And in the last twelve months David has attacked our programs in a way that makes me more proud of what we have achieved in Million Dollar Body than almost every other milestone. Seeing my own brother carve off over 38 pounds of fat and drop his cholesterol from 278 down to 189 could be one of the most rewarding success stories I've read.

Congrats bro... Way to be a "Labor Day Swimsuit" inspiration! (And please tell the rest of the family to eat healthy at the annual picnic!)

And I am looking forward to seeing as many new Labor Day swimsuit photos as possible in WOWY next week!

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MelanieB said...

Hey Carl... your bro is looking fab!!!!

I just wanted to point out this blog by Kevin Smith to you:

It makes me sad that celebrities are basically endorsing unhealthy ways to lose weight!
You should totally find a way to contact him and offer him some sort of MDB challenge to take on :-)