Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another P90X+ Sneak Peek

Two more peeks at the work in progress on P90X+. The Hindu Pike Push-up, and the L Pull-up!

And while you enjoy the angst of anticipation for the most intense workouts on the planet, relax in the satisfaction of knowing that we finally have additional inventory of Tony's Power Stands!


Richard said...


Thanks for the great workouts - just finished P90 myself and have lost almost 30 pounds and 15 inches on my whole body. I really wanted you to thank the crews doing the videos (I know they are paid - so what - thanks are nice) for their efforts - I will be sweating to these workouts eventually. If you ever come by the boards come see us at Team Waistin Away in the P90 Photo Gallery - we are a great team just starting up!

Coach Spud2Stud

Jill said...

All I can say is I think I've lost my mind. I actually am looking forward to these. At no time in my life before this would I have even thought putting my body through this type of workout was even possible, now because of Beach Body and MDB it is not only possible, but now probable.

Thanks Carl.

Jill (jylfkanney)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jill! Who would have thought a 42 year old mom of two teens would actually be looking forward to adding these to her BB collection!!! I love P90X....and P90X+ looks just as awesome and fun, fun, fun!!! :) :) :) Can't wait!


Thanks, Carl!

Lori J

Melanieb said...

I agree with Jill... never in the past would I have ever thought I'd be looking forward to workouts like this!
Thanks for keeping the bar raised!

Matthew said...

when can we pre-order? any discounts for really early orders? come on it for us!

Carl Daikeler said...

We'll release the videos first to Coaches, who ALL get a 25% discount. A week or two later, we'll release the videos to our club members who ALL get 10% off.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carl,
How many P90X+ Videos are there going to be?


300 Challenge
The 3 Elves P90Xmas Challenge

Carl Daikeler said...

5 Total... enough to keep the elves busy for a workweek.