Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You'll Hate It So Much You'll Love It

I've gotten a lot of requests for information about the 5 new P90X+ routines we just shot.

Production was kind enough to send me some clips of the new moves which I'll post over the next few weeks while Jason Scheff (from the band Chicago) finishes the scoring and Mason Bendewald adds the detailed fitness cues.

Perfection takes time. We're looking at December 2007. But these routines are so intense that they will be just what you want to get reinvigorated with the New Year. Add the Bowflex Selectechs to P90X and P90X+ and you've got the most extreme home gym in the neighborhood!

Here's a peek in the meantime. BRING THIS!


Anonymous said...

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" That was my reaction upon viewing those samples! Then I said OMGosh! And when I finished I thought...."Cool"..."Can't wait to get those babies!!!" ;) BRING IT!!! :D :D :D

You did it once again BeachBody! THANKS!!!!

Lori J

Critter said...

Can't wait!

Ali said...


MelanieB said...

I feel the burn just sitting at my office desk.

Anonymous said...

THAT WAS CRUEL!!! What a way to cut it!!! AUGH!

Anonymous said...

updates about the Tony's new "10 min Trainer" videos? Thanks


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for these Carl! All of these along with the 10 min trainer videos are already on the Christmas list! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU MDB!! You guys really "get it"!!

Jacob said...

Perfect timing for me, I'll be finishing up my first round of P90X between Christmas and New Year's.

Hey Carl, any hope for P90X shirts and posters in the future? Don't see them available anywhere but I know you offered them before.

(Aug. $1,000 winner thank you very much!)

Anonymous said...

These look awesome! Tony is absolutely nuts! But I love him! Can't wait for these to come out!