Thursday, September 27, 2007

Looks Like "Ouchie"

You can definitely "feel" the plus in P90X+ in these two sneak peeks. The first move is the Fly Blaster and the second is the Push-Up Crunch. Both were designed to attack multiple body parts at one time, with an extra emphasis on the core.

You're gonna want to try the Push-Up Crunch as soon as you see it. But the look on Traci's face at the end of the Fly Blaster looks like "ouchie". Check 'em out! All 5 new DVD's should be available in December 2007!


jesse perry said...

Will there be no yoga videos or anything like that? Or are you just going to release more DVDs of the p90x+ later on?

Carl Daikeler said...

There is not a new yogae title in the P90X+ set. The new titles are:

Total Body +
Interval X +
Kenpo Cardio +
Upper Body +
Abs/Core +

Anonymous said...

Will the five workouts constitue a fourth phase of p90x? What would a week of p90x+ look like?

Christina G said...

Carl - Can you list the running times for each of the 5 new vids?

Also - any chance of a sneak peek or 2 from both Interval X and Kenpo Cardio?

Thanks! :-)

Carl Daikeler said...

Can't list the running times until they're all done being created!

More sneak peeks as the production team feeds them to me...

Anonymous said...

Please include written exercise instructions as you did with P90x (but not P90MS). Tony can add things he forgot to say on the DVD as well as a selection of his usual puns which we all know and, well, know.

Also, it would be great if Tony could include a short primer covering his ideas on how to create your own workouts by combining exercises in the various P90x+ms dvds.