Thursday, September 06, 2007

TV, In Da Club

As promised, Beachbody's MDB Club has some great new features for members, plus the Million Dollar Body game just got a lot more interesting to track!

The programming team within MDB added trainer tips and cooking segments to the club. Now you can submit specific questions to the trainers and they can answer them with a true demonstration. What is the right way to throw a punch in a workout? How do you swing your leg through to runner's pose? What does "intensity" look like? How do you do a squat?

Danny Teeson adds his culinary expertise in the new ThinKitchen segments, where we launch our very own cooking shows to help you shop, cook, and eat in a way that supports your Beachbody goals. You don't have to eat fake, salty, mail order diet food when Danny's in the kitchen! The team even created a "Takeaway Tips" button so you can download the information to replicate the recipe easily. Great stuff!

And if you want to really see how the Million Dollar Body Game is stacking up with just three months of qualifiers left, within the game showcase there is a button to see the winners' progress as they compete for the $250,000 grand prizes!

As video and the internet converge, Beachbody and Million Dollar Body will be your channel for video motivation, information and entertainment all focused on living a healthier lifestyle. The point here is, it's a lot easier to make healthy choices when health is present in your mind. "You are what you think about". That's another of the benefits of being a coach. When you get a weekly check from Million Dollar Body, the concept of living a healthy lifestyle occupies a larger share of your mind, which makes healthy decisions easier, if not automatic.

So enjoy the videos in the club! This is TV that's good for you!


fitkix said...

I just checked it out. It's pretty cool especially the Trainer Tips. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thin Kitchen rocks!!! I can't wait to see more! :) I've already made those two recipes! YUMMY!!! My kids liked it too! Great stuff.

Trainer Tips is a fantastic addition to an already fantastic online club! Always great to see all of them whenever we can! Awesome advice! At Tony's camp last year in Chicago, my favorite seminar was the "form and function" one! That's what trainer tips reminded of. Fabulous!!!

BRAVO, my friend, BRAVO!!! What surprises does Carl and the BB team have up their sleeves next??? I'll be watching in anticipation, as always! Looking forward to Tony's new DVD's this fall/winter!

Thanks for all you do, Carl! This Canadian mom of two teens appreciates it!

Lori J