Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Phone Mommy... Carl somebody"

The week of October first has been dedicated as "OctoberFit" by the crew at Million Dollar Body. And with that in mind, I am intending to get on the phone and talk to customers, coaches and prospects for almost the entire week.

I know it's not as easy for people who don't live the Beachbody message every day to articulate it as it is for me. So for the entire week we're setting up two to four-person conference calls where I'm speaking directly to prospects. And in those calls I expect to describe how our community completely transcends what you expect when you hear the letters, "M. L. M."

Our network of coaches is about inspiring people through our own personal behavior -- "walking the talk" by staying active and eating right. We don't just sell pills and powders, we promote healthy living by showing it's possible. And our network supports our customers so they get the best results from the products and club they've purchased. The reason no other network has ever achieved success in fitness is no other network was founded by a group of people who had already succeeded by working out before. And our network of coaches is about motivating more people to spread the word, that exercise and eating right is not optional. That's how we motivate friends, family members, and kids that this is the way to get more out of life.

Our network of coaches is turning around the trend of obesity by BEING the solution, and that's helping them get lean, ripped, and healthy while they help others do the same. And that's why next week I'm getting on the phones to help our coaches spread the word.

If you're a coach and wold like to schedule a call, send an email (with some information about who you will have on the call so we can have a productive conversation) to and the OctoberFit team will see what call times are still left!

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