Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fish Oil Burns Fat?

Take your supplements and eat your fish. Not only is it good for managing your cholesterol levels, improving your memory, making your skin look better, and reducing aches and pains, but now they say fish oils burn fat!

Beachbody and Million Dollar Body customers will appreciate that research is showing that fish oils enhance fat oxidation in overweight people when taken in conjunction with exercise! A study done out of Australia has shown significant reduction in percentage of body fat when combining exercise with fish oil supplementation. The improvement appeared to reflect enhanced fat oxidation during exercise specifically. (Check it out here: Fish oil along with exercise improved fat loss, better than either alone.)

Just like the Beachbody synergistic approach of portion control, plus cardiovascular & resistance training is OPTIMAL for those that are SERIOUS about fat loss, so is proper supplementation.

Personally, I take fish oil twice a day for the health benefits. However, now that we are learning that fish oils provide so much "bang for your buck", EVERYONE has a reason to be taking a good quality fish oil! And that's exactly why we believe a good Omega-3 is an important part of your "core nutrition", and why it is available to all our coaches and customers.

We didn't cut any corners with this product... Beachbody's Core Omega-3 comes from wild Atlantic cold water fish sources, and is absolutely guaranteed to be free of harmful PCBs and heavy metal contaminants typically found in supplements available in grocery stores. Our soft gel capsules use an advanced delivery system that releases in the intestines, not in the stomach. That means no stomach upset, and no unpleasant aftertaste.

I don't talk about supplements a lot in my blog, because I think sometimes people can over do it. But if you want to know what I take, Omega 3 has got to be on your daily list if you really are taking care of your health!


Kristen said...

Hi Carl, I just wanted to pop in and say HI. I just signed up as a coach on MDB, and am trying to learn about the company, the products, and how to grow my business while helping people become healthier. I actually found your blog doing a google search for MDB coaches. Anyway, you have a lot of great information, and even though I already heard you were a great guy with a great vision (from Traci Morrow), it is nice to read your own words about what your company is all about. Kudos to you for trying (and succeeding), in making a difference in people's lives!

Anonymous said...

We are really pleased with the quality of the Core Omega. No fishy taste and no stomach upset. And the new labeling is awesome! :)
Dave and Anne Dovel

ZeenaFit said...

Hi Carl! I am a new Coach, and I would second the importance of fish oils. My doctor siad it's great form women managing PMS!

Linda said...

The directions say to take 2 pills a day with meals. Is it best to split that up to one in the AM and one in the PM? Or does it matter?

Carl Daikeler said...

this is the reply from Aaron, our supplements guru:

It makes no difference as far as effectiveness if one takes both capsules at the same time or one capsule twice a day. The most important part is simply taking them every day.

I do, however, recommend taking them with a meal or food as the body gears up to digest and assimilate nutrients when food is eaten. It can increase the absorption of supplements.

I hope this helps