Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Snoozebusters - unite!

There's a new workout group in WOWY thanks to the suggestion of coach Anne Dovel: The Snoozebusters!

If the most common reflex when you hear that alarm first thing in the morning is a series of snoozes that chip right through your workout, you are not alone. In fact, that very habit of mine was one of the main motivations behind creating WOWY. Knowing that there is someone expecting you to be logged in for your workout at 6AM is an edge over the inclination to blow it off.

I know many people are starting 2008 with a renewed commitment to get their workout done early in the day. And it's got to be fun knowing that with every workout, you might have scored $1,000! Want the money? You gotta earn it baby!

No doubt the days you feel the best are those you get your workout done! So join me in the Snoozebusters group, and let's wake up and make it count!


Anonymous said...

ohhh yeah Carl you know I just joined. I gotta workout in the mornings or my workouts just don't get done. As much as I LOVE to sleep in I know I feel so much better, and even behave better :) when I get that workout done!

Love the idea Anne D!

See ya in the morning!

steph aka stufawen

Anne Dovel said...

Hey everyone!
I brought the idea to Carl, but I can't take credit for was an idea that member 'littlecra' shot out as we started on our challenge to each other to get up early and get it done.
I am a night owl to the extreme, and this is a huge challenge for me. I'm proud to say, except for Christmas morn, we are now on 9 days in a row rolling out of bed instead of rolling over.
It's feeling great to add this little bit of focus and discipline to my life. It hasn't been easy, but I think it's going to be a very positive change in my life.
Thanks for being there, Buddies! :) We have a thread in the WOWY forum too, so hop on over! :)

Anne Dovel