Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Time for P90X+

At last, all 5 of the P90X+ DVD's are at the fulfillment center, looking good for the exclusive two week preview launch to Million Dollar Body coaches on Monday Dec. 17th (at the usual 25% discount.)

Everyone should then be able to order after Jan 2nd, to kick those New Years Resolutions into overdrive!

You'll dig Jason Scheff's music, the wildly intense workouts, and Tony's reliable banter. For anyone who wants to truly "feel" their workouts, we dare you to feel these!

So get your SelectTechs, and chin-up bar, and bring it (plus style!)


Anonymous said...

December 26th is a Wednesday. I'm confused.

Carl Daikeler said...

Sorry -- fixed it: Monday the 17th for coaches, Jan 2nd for the world!

Anonymous said...

Cool. Thanks Carl


Anonymous said...

Awesome Carl! I'm ready to BRING IT!

Bryan (moviefan)

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for P90X+ since I heard about on Million Dollar Body. I am ready to bring it!

Tina K said...

YEAH! Just ordered mine!!! :D

jesse perry said...

Will the p90x+ diet be the same as the p90x diet? Will the "required" supplements be the same? i want to order stuff now before i get back to school so it is ready for me and was curious if i could estimate the same i did for p90x. thanks!

- Jesse

Carl Daikeler said...

The diet is the same, and there are no required supplements (for ANY of our programs!)

The recommendations are the same - Results & Recovery Formula and Peak Health - but as long as you are doing the workouts, eating well, and getting enough rest, you're on the path to glory! (Yes, I said GLORY!)

Have at it. In others words, BRING IT!

Anonymous said...

P90X was wildly popular for slightly out of shape and even completely out of shape people. People used it as a springboard to "Glory" as you put it :)

Is P90X+ going to be friendly to that same crowd, or is it more geared toward P90X grads?

I know that a lot of people wouldn't recommend P90X to out of shape people, but people did it anyway.

I'm a P90X grad, and I'm excited for P90X+!

Carl Daikeler said...

Definitely for people whop are in good shape already -- but they don't HAVE to have completed P90X.

jblmktg said...

Carl, Tony, and David,

Tony thank you for creating P90X and bringing it out. Carl and David thanks for allowing me to get involved with this program and David thanks for helping me decide on moving forward wirh my new success. Lets do this