Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ALERT **Great Promo**

When I come across an ingenious Team Beachbody concept to promote fitness, I gotta show it off!

I went into MySpace tonight and saw two people had posted bulletins that were promoting what the prize is today in the WOWY Super Gym.
Here's what Sher said:
Get޲޲ tha޲޲t wor޲޲ko޲u޲t޲ log޲޲ge޲d޲ in tod޲޲ay޲!޲ It als޲޲o hap޲޲pe޲n޲s޲ to be HAW޲޲AI޲I޲ FIT޲޲ CLU޲޲B wor޲޲ko޲u޲t޲ day޲޲ too޲޲! Nic޲޲e bon޲޲us޲!޲ See޲޲ you޲޲ all޲޲ in WOW޲޲Y!޲!޲!޲ :-D޲޲ Sher aka haolegirl
And Doris said:
It'޲޲s a $1,޲޲00޲0޲ day޲޲ in WOW޲޲Y tod޲޲ay޲.޲.޲. so get޲޲ in the޲޲re޲ and޲޲ pus޲޲h pla޲޲y ; ') If you don޲'t kno޲w wha޲t WOW޲Y is..޲. ask޲ and޲ I'l޲l tel޲l you޲ how޲ you޲ can޲ win $1,޲000 for get޲tin޲g in sha޲pe and working out޲.޲ Doris ;)
I love this because THAT'S THE POINT OF THE DAILY PRIZE: To help motivate people to push play!
So if you're a coach or just a person trying to get people you know to get active -- go ahead, promote the prize of the day (it's posted right inside the WOWY Super Gym when you log in). If people don't know what it's about, tell them to ask you! We want more people involved - use what works!

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Anonymous said...

When will the grand prize award show from the grove air on tv, or when can we see the entirity of it on the beach body network?