Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quotes From The Kids

I keep reading and hearing how much of an impact Beachbody and its Coaches are having on people's lives, and recently I've been getting even more news that it's already filtering down to the kids ever since I got that email from Jonathan, our general counsel.

I got this the other day from Anne Dovel:

My older boys, 14 and 10, say they want to be Beachbody Coaches when they grow
up. My brutally honest 7 year old said.."would I have to exercise every day?"

(Brutally honest note from Carl to 7 year old: You only need to exercise on the days you want to get stronger or be healthy. The days you want to get weaker or let your body deteriorate, you don't.)

And I got this from one of Virginia's Pioneers*, whose 13 year old daughter, Lori combines her love of writing poetry with her recent motivation to stay healthy:

"Healthy Living" by Lori


Just started the healthy stuff
My body yearns for junk
But if I stay in my situation
I’ll get an even bigger trunk

Been used to my lifestyle
In workouts Tony kicks my butt
But I’ll learn to do what he does
My old life’s book I will shut

Got to eat better
To get my dreamed of bod
Cuz when I look in the mirror
I want to yell WHAT HAPPENED And OH MY GOD!

No matter how hard it is
I will pass with a golden star
And get my self together
Power 90 is gonna take me far

I’d love to just sit around
And just lose weight like that
But I know if I do
I’ll get as fat as my cat

*Virginia's Pioneers is a group we started a few years ago after customer Stand out Virginia was inspiring so many people who wanted to lose 100 pounds or more. The Pioneers could be considered one of the five or so examples that led us to launch the coaching concept in the first place, as we realized that to expand the concept of support, we need to bring in more people like Virginia to help keep people motivated and on track, and we would need to fairly compensate them for helping us.


Anonymous said...

Kids are great aren't they?!

My two older kids (12 & 13) do BeachBody workouts and my two younger ones (4 & 5) know what a BeachBody coach is, what I do, and they love to watch & at times try the workouts I do (even the X they've tried).

We, as parents, are a major influence in all aspects of our kids lives. I've noticed since I started working out almost 4 years ago how much more active my entire family is. It's an awesome feeling watching my kids pick healthy foods over junk foods.

My 13 yr. old can't wait till she's 18 & can be a coach as well - she said that's how is going to pay for college, a car & her first house :) She's ready to go!

Steph aka stufawen

Kristen Scott said...

I agree - one of the main reasons I became a coach was to set a better example for my kids. They know that "Mommy's Exercise" is an important part of my day and that our family makes time to workout regularly. My 5 year old even does Tony and the Kids and loves it!

Keep Pushing Play,
Kristen Scott

Jeff (a Beachbody faithful) said...

"(Brutally honest note from Carl to 7 year old: You only need to exercise on the days you want to get stronger or be healthy. The days you want to get weaker or let your body deteriorate, you don't.)"

Come on Carl... Hopefully you are trying to add some humor to the comment, but kids don't always see it that way. Even in P90X (and the +) Tony has rest days built in. Without resting, the body doesn't have time to rebuild to get stronger as I'm sure you know. Adults really need to watch what they say because kids don't always know the difference between sarcasm and truthfulness.

Carl Daikeler said...

I have been known to say stupid things in the pursuit of cleverness. I apologize to all the children.

Anne said...

Hey Carl,
Just had to chuckle the other day. That 7 year old you mentioned was arguing with his 14 year old brother...say it isn't so..arguing in my house? Anyway, the 14 year old said.."well, if you worked for me, you would have to..." and Luke, the 7 year old said most emphatically.."I'll never work for you! I'm going to be a Beachbody Coach!" :) Hopefully, they'll learn how to get along peacefully some day! :)
But until then, I think it's interesting that although they don't really know what all Mom and Dad are doing as Beachbody Coaches, they are realizing the benefits and internalizing the desire to be in charge of their work hours when they grow up. That's so exciting to me, as their Mom because I want them to be able to follow their hearts and do what they love to do when they grow up, and not settle for what pays the bills. And watching Dave and I work through and build our own business, is making a positive impression on them! Thanks!

Judy said...

Ah, kids..you gotta love them! I have my 4 year old granddaughter living with me and she is always excited to exercise with Grandma! And sad when she finds out I got up early to do it. Sure wish I could do those squats as effortlessly as she seems to do. :)

"The 300 Challenge"