Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's "Gettin Brung" In Anaheim!

Right now there are three rooms at the Double Tree Hotel in Anaheim jammed with Beachbody Coaches as they workout with their favorite trainers to ear blistering music. It's absolute pandemonium!

Chalene is blowing me away. She's been shooting new extreme workouts all week, with another week of shooting to go (at least). She's was supposed to take it easy tonight. But when I shot this photo with my camera-phone, I happened to catch her the one time she stopped to mark some new moves. Otherwise, it was "blursville" she's was going so nuts. She's a real spark plug - and that room was truly Turbo Jammin!

Tony's room is packed -- standing room only (who would sit anyway?) I walked in when he had Mason B up on stage doing "Mason Twists" from P90X. Tony was flanked by Beachbody banners and was truly pushing the room to the limit between jokes. Great stuff!

Shaun T was working his room like is was a dance-off. It was so great to see Rockin Body brought to life with a room full of coaches familiar with his moves. He hardly spent a moment on stage as he worked through row after row of coaches to get their knees higher and mirror their moves. I think more than a few people were star struck with the hottest new trainer of 2007!

Hotel employees are having a hard time concentrating with all the excitement here. They're like "Who's that?" "Can we watch"? Room service is no doubt running extra slow tonight.

And it's one hour to the "Diamond Dinner" where the trainers and I get to mingle with our Diamond level coaches. I'll be wallpaper, as the real stars are our heavyweight coaches, and the TV-star trainers. It's ok - gives me more time to munch on cocktail weenies.

Tomorrow I'll try to find some time to update the blog again with more photos. I really wish you were here. It's more exciting than I anticipated, and such a pleasure to meet these people face to face. This is what it's all about! And don't forget -- Friday night I get the pleasure of handing out $800,000 during the grand finale of the Million Dollar Body Game!


LORI J said...

FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Thanks, Carl for taking the time and keeping us all updated! Very inpiring!!! :)

Anonymous said...

What a blast that conference was!!! As if meeting the people that I communicate on the message boards with wasn't enough, but I got to work out with two of my favorite trainers! :-) That place was a buzz!

The pictures will be coming fast and furious on the boards!

To all of the coaches I met in are the finest group of people I've ever seen gathered under one roof! It was a pleasure!

And to all the winners...CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Judy (aka cani)

Anonymous said...


Thank you SO much for putting on the event! It was such an exciting and energizing time. The people you have surrounded yourself with are incredible! I was very impressed with the staff and the quality of everything.

It was great to meet in person people I've communicated with for years! I'm excited about the direction WE, Team Beachbody, are heading! I'm already looking forward to next year.

My wife and sister-in-law loved working out live with Chalene! They talked about it the whole weekend. I myself enjoyed working out with Tony!

Again, thank you so much for putting this together and letting us be a part of it.

Keith (firstkwlwyr)
Atlanta, GA

MelanieB said...

This was truly a weekend to remember! Thank you for everything that you and Beachbody do for it's customers! My life has changed and I am forever grateful. I'm not sure I could say "thank you" enough!
So keep on rockin' it, and I'm proud to be a Beachbody coach and I'll keep on spreadin' the love and creating success!