Friday, May 23, 2008

Beachbuggy... Coolest thing EVER!

I am still a kid on Christmas when it comes to some things... Check out the tricked out Beachbody errand truck, aka the "Beachbuggy"!

Heads are turning and traffic is driving just a little bit slower whenever the Beachbuggy is rolling.

I'm sure the big motivation for entering the Million Dollar Body Game is the prospect of scoring $250,000, but a year of fame on the side of this ride has got to be a cool bonus!

By the way, the next entry deadline is June 1st - a week from Sunday... So update your profile and submit your entry! There's $26,000 of cash up for grabs - 8 winners every month and qualification for the grand prize - and the chance you could be featured on the Beachbuggy!

If I were you, I would enter every month with an updated photo. You never know when your age group is going to be light on entries, so you should just keep on entering!


Anonymous said...

nice ride carl! love the pics of the winners on the sides - nice bonus!

steph aka stuffawen

LORI J said...

Thanks so cool! :)

Virginia said...


Now there's a good way to ensure I'll never post a new picture! :)

love that it's getting BB a lot of attention though!

Renee said...

I can't imagine having my pic riding down the freeways in L.A. I doubt I'd be able to sleep at night with all that exposure! I love the rest of the car though. Fun way to advertise!

Clarissa (misscmac) said...

Oh my goodness - I LOVE IT! I know it's creating a big buzz there in Cali! :)