Monday, May 19, 2008

If you want a full life - FILL IT UP!

As I was staring at my son's face for the third-straight hour last night, it occurred to me that it's easy to leave all the enthusiasm for "a fresh start" to young people. How many of us think "it's too late to try something new," or "I'm too fat to try losing weight," or "I'm too old to get ripped?"

I can fall into the same trap too. It's a constant drill to avoid being complacent. Then I started to think about what kind of man Daniel might be, and what I need to teach him so he would know how to lead a full life.

I know I want to teach both my kids to take initiative. An interesting life doesn't just present itself to you, you have to create it. Opportunity doesn't look for you, you need to ask for it and you need to act on it. That's what makes life interesting and full!

It's so easy to read our success stories and passively watch the lives of other people on TV. When I get in that rhythm, it makes me lazy. I could watch American Idol, Survivor, and even the clips within the Million Dollar Body Game and think "Wow those people really have something special - they are really living interesting lives," and then sit back and wait for the next episode to fill my life with variety. But then they're the ones living the full life, not me!

Instead, I want my kids, Daniel and Ava, to know they need to create their opportunities, rather than just watch other people live them.

That's actually the core purpose of Product Partners, to help a person achieve their goals and lead a more healthy fulfilling life. We can create the tools - but seizing the opportunity is up to the individual.

That's the way I feel about the Coaching opportunity. Every Tuesday we do an opportunity call (see below) and at the end of the call, there's an interesting silence that invites people to either step up and change, or to sit back, hang up, and accept things as they are. I enjoy seeing how many people choose one over the other the next morning.

Seizing opportunity has been what our company is about since we took our first order 9 years ago. Everyone said we couldn't do this; "People don't like to workout that hard." Little did anyone expect that P90X would change the game in ways "experts" are still trying to figure out.

And now there's Tony's One-on-One workouts. People said "You can't follow up some of the most well-produced workouts in the catalog with down-and-dirty reality TV workouts with JUST TONY!" Oops... Based on the numbers of people signing up to be first in line, looks like people want Tony, they want him real, and real intense. (Click here to sign up to get the new One on One workout with Tony)

All this goes to show that, if you want to make something happen - make it happen. There is never a "perfect time". There is only now. There is never a perfect scenario, there is only "I want it." If you want a full life - FILL IT UP!

That's what I want to teach my kids: The purpose of life is life itself. Being an active creator of that life, with courage and enthusiasm, is the best way to show your gratitude for the opportunity to live it in the first place!
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Clarissa (misscmac) said...

Thank you for this post, Carl! It's really the truth - if you want a great life, you have to take the initiative to MAKE IT GREAT!!! :)

Coach Couch said...

Congratulations Carl! You have a good-looking boy there. I know he will follow his pop’s footsteps, in making the world a better place.

Renee said...

Congratulations Carl! I didn't realize you were a family man. That's just wonderful! I have 3 girls and 3 boys and just love having children in my life! I can see you do too.

Janie(Aka yogagirl) said...

Carl, CONGRATS on the new addition. Enjoy every moment!!! Children are such a blessing in our lives!!!