Saturday, May 03, 2008

7,026 Inspring People

The Beachbody Revolution Has Officially Begun!

Last night Beahcbody cleared the "current coach" count of 7,000! This network of people-helping-people is expanding, and a tipping point is on the horizon. That's 7,026 people who have claimed their power to turn their weight loss into profit, to help those around them, and solve the health care crisis in this country simply by inspiring people to actually get healthier.

The motivation tools are all their to shift this into an even higher gear; The Million Dollar Body Game, the WOWY Super Gym, and the inspiration of the Team Beachbody Community. This is the beginning of something big, and the momentum is clear. A concept that started simply witnessing how an online message board of people supporting each other could achieve faster and more reliable results has started to scale into a vast community that is turning the enthusiasm for "how great it feels to feel good" into a revolutionary movement.

Thank you to every Beachbody Coach who has unleashed their creativity and courage to help us achieve this milestone!

How fast to 8,000? Keep building those Success Links, and stay tuned!


Jocelyn (aka coyotehunnie) - the 300 Club :) said...

I just want to pop in and say this is awesome. I became a coach just a few weeks ago and I love the company and the fact that we can run our own businesses supporting such a great company like Beachbody. Love love love the fact that you have given us this opportunity. I think I speak for all of us when I say "thanks!"

Clarissa (misscmac) said...

That is EXTREMELY exciting, Carl! I am so glad that I am part of this incredible health and wellness revolution! Continue the excellent work and keep doing it BIG!!! :)

Clarissa (misscmac)

melissa said...

I am interested in your products, but I have read a lot of bad customer service notes on the internet. fraud charges on being charged wrong, products on back order and not told. long waites on getting the products. rude customer service.

Carl Daikeler said...

The internet can be an unforgiving landscape. The negative feedback created by technical issues lives on the internet long after the problems have been solved.

What I do know is is: EVERY PERSON who has a negative experience will receive resolution to their satisfaction. Every one. Sometimes we need to unwind some details to see what happened - but when given the chance, we solve every issue every time.

I also know this: These products work. The price of a DVD program runs between $60 and $120 (P90X) and delivers results that I would put against any expensive gym or piece of equipment. Anyone who wants real results, that last, deserves to give these programs a chance.

I also know (sorry, can't stop) that the addition of the community and coaches makes our prospect unequalled. We are the only ones who provide this kind of compassionate support.

All that being said, have we ever made mistakes? Yes. Have we ever committed fraud? Never. Have we ever mistreated a customer on the phone -- if so, that person was let go.

We care about customers. We care about people. Every decision and action is to be made with that in mind, and from there the rest can be worked out. That's the way we operate!

Anonymous said...


After reading Carl's response I had to comment. I have been ordering from Beachbody for years. I have never had a bad experience. The company has always treated me well. One time I ordered two posters and they arrived torn. I called customer service, explained what happened and they replaced the posters. Again, this company goes out of its way to meet its customers needs. I do not work for the company nor I am a Beachbody coach. I am just a satisfied customer who wanted to share my experience.
Matt C.
Shamrock 1.

evolved said...


Quick comment not regarding this topic, but wanted to share an idea/info with you. I'm not sure if you've heard, but the Nintendo Wii is coming out with a new program called Wii Fit. You can perform a search for Wii Fit anywhere to read specific details. Basically, it's a fitness program using a pressure board attached to the console that meausres weight among other things. It has such activities as yoga, running in place, push ups etc. Using this board for yoga posture balances for example, it tells you if you've put your other foot down, counts for you, and makes sure you are doing it correctly. (as best a piece of equipment can) For push ups it knows/tells you if you're on one hand, counts them out for you etc. and a lot of other activities. I'd love to see Beachbody incorporate something like this into their programs!! I know i've heard a few people tell me they are going to buy this once it's out in the US. (Japan only now) What are your thoughts on this?

Carl Daikeler said...

The Wii is a fascinating machine with a lot of potential. We were approached by a company with a unique/high quality application. From my perspective though, I am having a hard time getting excited about it. it seems like a lot of technology and expense surrounding something that doesn't take more technology, it simply takes accountablity and consistency. peer support is where it's at. And the combination of DVD's, eating guidelines and peer support is what generates real results, so far.

We were approached by a company with an avatar trainer, and it made me miss our trainers... real people with sweat, who make corrections, have real problems, and help me accept my own limitations.

That being said, at some point I presume the concept and the appropriate execution of that concept might appear to us, and at that point we'll act on it. But for now, I'd take the Ten Minute Trainer and a tree outside tfor resistance over a video game any day.