Monday, May 12, 2008

2008 -- The Summer of Support

As Memorial Day approaches, I wanted to recommend to every coach and customer that this is the year to connect to someone and make it the "Summer of Support."

Monday, May 26th is the symbolic start of summer, and for many, the beginning of a three month game of "hide your body" whenever it's time to put on shorts or a swimsuit.

Not this year.

Here's what I am going to do, and it's what I hope EVERY coach and customer does: Between today and May 26th, I am going to create a "Success Link" with two people who want to progress toward a strong, healthy body this summer, starting Tuesday May 27th through Labor Day.
My first link will be my wife Isabelle. She'll be coming back from the birth of our son (due any day now) so her journey will be gentle and gradual. I will find one more person, and the three of us will agree to keep each other accountable. We won't do the same program per se, we don't even have to work out at the same time, but we're going to check up with each other.

And I need you to do the same thing. It's as simple as thinking who you know that would LOVE to finally feel good about themselves through the summer months.
Here's something I know: You don't need to be in "after photo" shape to feel better about yourself. EVERY DAY you push play and eat right is a day you feel better about yourself. The mere action of taking care of yourself builds your self-esteem as much as the end result itself. And in the opposite, every day you succumb to a pattern that got you in the shape you're not that happy about contributes to feeling worse.

So this summer is about support -- people helping people turn the next three months into a summer to be proud of! We'll be creating a WOWY group called "2008 - Summer of Support" and I hope everyone who identifies with this concept and creates their support-threesome for summer fitness joins the group.

You just need to go for it. Your friends need you to go for it. This is the moment... when there's a little summer free time and that motivation of WANTING to feel better about yourself. Don't wait for next year. Help someone succeed this year... People helping people stay accountable, starts Tuesday May 27th through Labor Day... 2008 - the Summer of Support!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carl,

This is a great idea. Often times success in fitness is based on positive support and encouragement from others. Personally, I have always been more successful in working out when I have a buddy or friend that I can either work out with or talk about my fitness goals with.

Matt C
Shamrock 1

Tamfish said...

I didn't know you were having a baby -- congrats! :o)