Monday, August 04, 2008

Manic Monday

What a day! 40-something calls between 8AM and 7PM!

Thanks to everyone who took me seriously and rallied the troops to sign into WOWY for our workout this morning and hit the phones on our first Manic Monday!

It didn’t hurt to start the day by reading a story in the paper that the Philadelphia Eagles are using P90X to prepare for the 2008 football season. That pumped everybody up, and then we hit the phones.

I hope to see everybody in WOWY at 6AM PT Tuesday morning, and then again at 6PM PT for the brand new webinar.

In the meantime, check out the sizzling action our coaches stirred up today. (I apologize in advance for any deletions or misspellings in what is probably my longest blog post ever.)
We got started right at 8AM with Anjanette Bonham, who is on her way to Emerald by showing other stay-at-home moms that Beachbody has the programs that deliver real body transformation. She knows that Beachbody holds the prospect of an additional income for anyone willing to put in the work to make it happen.

Then I met Dennis Jones, a new Diamond coach who has signed a whopping twelve - count 'em, twelve - new coaches and opened a new center in Las Vegas with three meetings a week! WOW!

A Beachbody customer, Tricia Stanton called while I was on with a coach, Sheryl Oeftering, so she ended up speaking with Kevin Sherman. He got her so pumped she called back later ready to sign up!

Efren from Jason Scheff's organization called and told me he's down from 380 lbs to 240 lbs! Talk about inspiration. That's the kind of coach that prove it's possible!

Tammie Fitzgerald brought Menach from New York via conference call. He's tearing it up in week six of P90X and seriously considering the coach opportunity. (If you're going to inspire the people around you with your transformation, why not reap the rewards? That’s the point of this thing – (1) transform your health and fitness, (2) people around you want to do it too, (3) you deserve to earn the revenue!)

Mirdzah Hayden called to discuss how to kick her business into a higher gear, and hung up ready to motivate people to get in shape and earn an extra income.

Shawn Marie called while I was on with Entrepreneur Charles Mui and rolled over to Kevin. What a story she had, losing 54 pounds in 90 days to avoid gastric bypass surgery! Now she has a WOWY group of 65 and inspiring more people on Capital Hill to get involved every day! Meanwhile, Charles had called to “kick the tires” and learn more about what this thing is all about after hearing Mark McDermott speak over the weekend (clearly Mark is making things happen out there!)

Redfield Baum brought two prospects to his call, Paul and Daniel. (Sorry if I didn’t let you guys talk, but I was pumped at this point!)

Robert Hudgens introduced me to Iowan Tom Bord who is looking at the opportunity with patience and care. I totally support that, but also know that you never know how good the water feels until you actually jump in the pool! This opportunity is going to be big, and timing matters.

They’re “thinkin' in Lincoln”, as Doug Fitzgerald introduced me to marketing-wiz Jeff Dostal. They're signing people up, and no doubt those two are going to hatch a plot that will really expand the momentum in the heartland as they sounded like they were not going to let anything get in their way.

Haston Lowman achieved Emerald today, and is putting his heart into being a Beachbody coach with his upline Dennis Jones and uber coach Pete Pena. Haston says he has never had this much confidence talking to people to "help people get motivated to get paid to workout" since he got in shape.

Jake Hayes lost 30 pounds with P90X with the help of his wife and is working a breakthrough coaching idea for parents, kids and teens with the help of his upline, Traci Morrow.

Russ Herman, an exercise physiologist and coordinator for a corporate wellness company found P90X to get himself in shape and went from there to become a coach and spread the word when appropriate! There's a guy who's heart is in the right place.

Mike Bent called (while I was enjoying my chocolate Shakeology for the day). He brought in heavyweight Wayne Dorband, a consummate entrepreneur with a quite a bit of experience in network marketing and a ton of experience "doing well" by "doing good".

Monica Vargas is a huge Turbo Jam fan, and is also looking into how the Beachbody catalog might be of value to corporations, trainers, and chiropractors. Love that.

Brian Tass brought in wrestling coach and teacher Matt Prinz. These guys have unreal opportunity staring at them with the economic woes of teachers and labor in the Michigan area. They have the answer!

Marty Hughes, another teacher in Nebraska, went from 232lbs to 181lbs using P90X. And his wife went from a size 16 to a 4! He’s a former runner who just ran his first 5k in 13 years. He uses the Fit Kids Club program to get the kids moving in his school once a week. His goal is to bring in 100 coaches to help me achieve my one million coach goal. Thank you brother!

Current Top Coach, Milan Jensen called with Emily, Lisa, Elizabeth, Carrie, Maggie, and Kimberly – doing a six week push to "develop diamonds". They are stepping out of their comfort zone to talk to people. What’s driving them is an exercise called a “perfect day in my life” which was amazing to hear. Stay-at-home moms, people with dreams, excited to get their bodies back, and earn the income that will give their families the financial freedom they have always wanted... When we talk about what's "Revolutionary" about this, these women should be on the poster.

$250,000 Million Dollar Body winner Earl Broughman brought in sports retailer Todd Crawford who’s going to expand his business, get fit, and be a “product of the product” to get his body back. Can you say "no-brainer?"

Topeka, KS was represented by Emerald coach Alison Clayton and prospective coach Sandra Haines. One thing is clear, the obesity trend and the rough economy has little hope of hiding from the power of Team Genesis.

Fresh from Chalene Johnson’s Camp Turbo, Lynn Swanger put a call together with Meredith and Michael, three coaches who are in the right place at the right time as ChaLEAN Extreme gets ready to launch this fall. You three deserve success, so don't accept anything less!

Michelle Sweetland and I had a great conversation about how to rev up results, and then Amy Shaw described how she intends to work this business for the long haul in Ohio as fitness and helping people fight obesity is her true passion.

2007 Top Coach Blake Warrington showed he has an eye for talent by attracting Jim Smalley, a P90X customer-turned coach in Florida who is leveraging the combination of the tough economy and the 30-day money back guarantee to make the decision easy for people. These guys are a powerhouse.

Founding coach David Martin and Mary Jo Blackburn invited prospective coach Chris, a nurse and trainer, to become a coach. Could there be a better prospect to both help people understand the importance of health and fitness PLUS earn an income appropriate to the work she does by helping people? Teachers and health care workers all the way.

John Watson picked Scott Rupp to be his coach when he bought P90X. And now that the NY real estate market’s in the tank, John’s seriously considering turning his own doctor’s shock at his health results into a business opportunity for them both. That’s what I am talking about! Leverage your success into YOUR own opportunity! Then Scott brought David Goldsmith, an IT professional to the table who has the prospect of motivating both teachers and students in his area to get the kind of hardcore results he’s getting, first with Power 90, then with P90X.

Mike Graham is blazing his own trail in St. Louis, a market that can use both the health benefits of our program, plus the earning potential. Mike – I hope you lean into it and make things happen. Wesley Revels is doing the same thing in Kansas City, turning his enthusiasm for Ten Minute Trainer and P90X into a business that helps people. Great attitudes.

Chad Brake is a reading teacher and ruby coach under Angie McDonald who has found that at last, his desire to help people can be compensated in proportion to results. This opportunity seems to be exceptionally compelling to teachers for that very reason.

Cheri and Kyle and then Shawn, a mother and her sons are teaming up to leverage her degree in exercise science to promote this business opportunity and help college grads get healthy and pay down debt. (Apparently the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles and other pro teams are using our products to get in shape got Kyle’s attention).

The prospect invited by Wendy Tompkins (under Amy Hildreth of Biggest Loser fame) couldn’t make the call as planned, which was ok because it gave us a chance to talk tips and strategy.

Then I found out that Audrey Nichelson from Doug Couch’s organization is just three coaches from diamond, and is focused on turning her victory in the June Million Dollar Body Game into a run at the grand prize, and a huge motivator for her organization.

Judy Zavislak called to talk strategy and get specific updates on features and product development. She’s got six personally sponsored coaches, is on her way to diamond, and intends to get there by end of summer. (Ok... I sort of made her promise that part. But she can do it!)

Pat Schrader and Josh are working Georgia hard, attending job fairs, handing out DVD’s to prospects, and working hard to focus potential coaches on the importance of both retailing product and recruiting coaches. Remember – the products you represent are made famous on TV. Your job is to help people you know succeed with them, and get them to inspire others to do the same!

Clarissa McIntosh is working with school PTA’s to set-up online fundraising using the Beachbody Coach opportunity. I suggested health fairs where the parents learn about the products, where the school is the beneficiary. As we buy more and more advertising to promote the product line, we know people are going to buy these products; they might as well buy them in a way that benefits the PTA! (Better than another candy drive right?)

Raghee Horner, author and for/ex trader is working the Beachbody Revolution into her mix of stay-at-home business advice and maybe even a new book!

I got a great call from Lori Jantzi in Canada who has been a loyal Beachbody customer with no complaints since 2003. She’s not a coach (it’s not available in Canada yet) so she just snuck in to say hi. I like that.

And to cap it off, Tiffany Porter in Virginia asked how to help a trainer she knows who has been burned by other network marketing concepts, find her "go for it" with the coach network. My advice; When someone wants something bad enough, and they see all this proof around us that these programs work, and this business is working for people too, they either connect that to achieving their goals or they don't. There is so much demand for what we are offering, because the fitness and diet programs work every time they are applied as they were intended. Exercise, portion control, and the right supplements to help you. And once you succeed, people around you notice. That creates demand. People want to succeed. Our job is to keep pushing play, and keep sharing the opportunity.

So we're going to keep driving it. We're going to keep helping people. And with that, more people's lives will be transformed.

I'll see you in WOWY!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Carl! It's great to read about all of these calls, and thank you for making me promise! I know I can do this!

~ Judy Zavislak (aka cani)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for this! I am so excited reading about everyone's successes, and am looking forward to seeing the EXPLOSION!! Whoop-whoop! :)

Clarissa (misscmac)

Wendy said...


Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. I can't wait to do it again!!

Wendy Tompkins

MelanieB said...

I hope you enjoyed talking to Tricia! She's super passionate about this :-)

How were more than one person calling in at once? I was wanting to listen in with Tricia, but I was told it was a one call line. Ah well.

Carl Daikeler said...

Some people triggered conference calls on their side, and then conferenced in the 800 number.

We'll be doing another Manic Monday on 8/18, so if you have someone ready to come aboard with a little help that day, that's the way to get on the same call!

Anonymous said...


Thanks again for your time with my two prospective coaches. It was great talking to you and being inspired by your passion!

Scott (NHBuckeye)