Friday, September 12, 2008

It Takes Time, Then It Happens

Diamond Coach Joey Petri shared an email between David and Tim. Tim is a coach who was thinking about quitting the business. David described his process, and the value of getting in and sticking with the business of helping people while the opportunity catches up with your investment.

On one hand, you are helping people while you get in shape yourself. On the other hand, when the cash kicks in, it could help when you need it most. Check it out:

From: David Spennacchio
To: Tim
Sent: Friday, September 12, 2008 12:14:23 AM
Subj: Beachbody


I did Power 90 for my wedding and got great results. I have been unemployed since January! Got laid off due to the home building industry down here in Florida.

So I trusted my upline Joey, and all the numbers he was sharing with me. I became a coach in May. I saw that it was ok, but Joe and our other buddy were Emeralds already. I decided to go for it. Mind you, I still did not have a job. I just bought a house and have wedding bills too, but this just sounded awesome. I met with a lot of other networking companies while looking for a job and they all seemed like a pyramid scheme.

I signed up my dad, and my wife to get to Emerald (July 13). I wanted to help the customers plus get the commission if they bought anything. Still no job, eating into my savings....

Now (September 11) 2 months after going to Emerald....I have 56 customers! Cycled 10 times = ~$160

I now have 16 coaches under me, banking volume points every week. I am turning a profit after only 2 months. (I'll be honest - I don't go out looking for new people to sign up or setting up meetings, conference calls, etc. I know I should do this, but it has really surprised me how fast this has taken off) I know if I continue my workouts and lead by example like Joey, others will begin to follow.

Just had a customer buy $160 worth of stuff today. I am going to send her an email this week; That is a $40 commission for me!

It is tough to make the decision to go for getting to Emerald, I know (even with my wife afraid of the investment since I didn't have a job). But I just accepted a job last week, 8 months of looking.

It is worth every dollar and every drop of sweat working out. I am there to help you, so is Joey, so is the rest of our team.

Let me know if I can answer any questions.


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Joey said...

Hey Carl,
Thanks for sharing this email. I love Dave's story. Even with his financial difficulties, Dave saw the opportunity to help his situation both physically and financially and now he's sharing that with others. I love what this company can do for people. Thanks again Carl,

Joey Petri