Sunday, September 14, 2008

Without A Trace... of fat

Thanks to coach Judy Zavislak for finding another example of the Beachbody Revolution, this time featuring Roselyn Sanchez (Who knew the end of obesity would start... in Hollywood?)

Without a Trace's sultry sleuth says she had to kick her workout routine into high gear when she turned 30. "When it happened to me, it was like, what is going on?" says Roselyn Sanchez, 35. "My hips. My legs. My stomach used to be really flat, but now I have to be careful with what I eat." She keeps in shape with P90X, a 90-day workout plan that has 12 DVDs designed to target a different area of the body. "I swear by it," says Sanchez, who's been doing the program every morning for six months. "Every girl needs to give it a try. It will change your body!"

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