Monday, September 22, 2008

Congratulations to Mr. One Millionth

Beachbody complaints about doing weekend workouts quiet down when there's cash and prizes at stake... Anyone who logs there workout into our online SuperGym can win, every day, even the weekend. But last weekend was special when we saw a larger than normal crowd signing in to workout in the WOWY SuperGym as we led up to the one millionth WOWY workout of the year.

Congratulations to Bill Cowan, Diamond coach and the lucky one millionth workout in WOWY in 2008! For signing into the WOWY SuperGym on Sunday 9/13 an knocking out a quick round of abs with Ten Minute Trainer, Bill won $1,000, and his coach Judy Zavislak won $500!

Bill also won an autographed DVD from his favorite trainer, a 90-day supply of the Results Pack, a signed certificate from me, and a whole bunch of fame and applause from around the internet.
Congratulations Bill. Keep pushing play, and thank you for helping us motivate as many people as possible to join the Beachbody Revolution!

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