Sunday, September 07, 2008

Web Team at Work... Beachbody-style

I was walking out of the office the other day at 5 sharp and happened to notice the entire web team was in various stages of exercise in the middle of their work area.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"We do this every hour on the hour" said Kenny (front left).

"All day?"

"All day, every day." he said, and he continued his set of push ups.

Neil Evans was kind of enough to shoot me a still for the blog. I suppose when you work all day staring at before and after photos of customer success stories, at a certain point the urge burns through the fog and you have to get out of the chair and do something! (I wonder if they log into the WOWY Super Gym each time.)


Tamfish said...

GO team go!!!!


Judy said...

I LOVE that! Just another example of how Beachbody is creating habits that will turn the tide of obesity. Now we just have to make that habit stick in the rest of corporate America!

~ Judy

P.S. I find myself doing pushups, tricep dips, etc. as I go around the house getting things done, and I ALWAYS feel a rush of energy afterwards! So, it even works for stay at home Moms! ;-)

Krista D. said...

I bet that is a great way to prevent carpal tunnel and other things you can get from the hours of sitting in an office!

BTW, I just got those power stands and I think they are great! Stinky, but great!

CT Olson said...

funny stuff - great effort guys! Maybe some lunchtime yoga and you'll be all set! ;)

Judy said...

The stinky powerstands!!! LOL Krista!!! I had forgotten about that!

I actually DID work in IT for 20 years, and I think I have a bit of carpal tunnel syndrome due to all the typing all of those years. Pushups are tough for me, but not with the Powerstands! They are the BEST out there!

But they were stinky at first! Thankfully that rubber smell goes away after a while! I had even forgotten about it!