Monday, September 15, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday!

It was another Manic Monday as we continue to drive to get the 2,000 coaches we need to give away the four trips to Mexico this month. (We're over half way there!)

Today’s calls were mostly about how powerful results can be when people inspire the people around them to get healthy and active. When that happens, it’s the person who did the work that deserves the pay day! That’s what being a coach is about!

Elizabeth Kulp brought along her husband Dave and friend Amanda. Their results are what will inspire people. It doesn’t have to start out as a million dollar dream, but there is no reason it can’t end up there!

Keith Harris and Connie brought two prospects to the call; Steve, is a P90X fan who learned about the product from unlikely (yet powerful) advocate Jillian Michaels from Biggest Loser. Rick is also doing P90X. By the end of the call it felt like everyone agreed that with their participation it was not too bold to say we really can turn around this trend of obesity if we keep sharing the concept.

Founders Blake and Angie Warrington introduced me to Roy Mitchell, a former pro hockey player for the Montreal Canadiens, firefighter and ACE certified fitness trainer. Roy bought 15 units of P90X and wants to help his entire fire department of 235. He has a great opportunity to not just improve the fitness of the department, but to leverage the heroic stature of firefighters into inspiring the entire community to get on the program.

Kelli Miller, Gwen, and Holly brought Art in to talk about how he can turn his healthy habit of walking into a real fitness habit including some resistance training and a diet that might help lower his cholesterol. Art was looking at other opportunities, but the market demand of 200 million people and product line promoted by $90MM of TV advertising makes this more compelling than anything available.

Melissa McAllister invited Cindy, Heather and two prospects: Kiesha is an engineer who let her education and career replace her former athletic habits and now wants to get back on track. Heather Dixon is an athlete and trainer who is always giving out free workout and diet advice. Now she’ll have the ability to turn that casual advice into real support and a business opportunity, and Kiesha will have the money motivation to get her athletic body back and to inspire the people around her to do the same.

Holly Blockowitz got back on the phone with Walter and Sharon, two of her new coaches, and prospects Gabrielle and Christopher. We talked about how emotional it can be when you don’t recognize your body in the mirror, and you don’t feel like there’s a solution that will work for you. Beachbody coaches know better. The answer is “Play, Shake, and Share.”

Tina Drake brought prospect Jen, a maintenance clerk in a sawmill looking for a new opportunity. We talked about how getting back in shape and earning a substantial income with this opportunity starts with finding your own “Why”, and unleashing all your passion to achieve that on a business opportunity that will both transform your body and reward you for your efforts!

David Martin, Derek, and Sabu are all excited about the opportunity. Sabu has been in the network marketing business in the past. He saw what two rounds of Power 90 and P90X did for David Martin, and he sees that this company is here to stay with great products and a huge opportunity to grow.

Derek Frazier got back on the phone with Roosevelt Holmes and Robert Thomas about how our ~12,000 coaches, while solid, is just a stepping stone as we are on our way to get to 100,000 coaches. These guys sound hungry, and are going to jump in a make big things happen.

Founding coach Tony Barca got Scott on the phone, the January 50+ winner in the Million Dollar Body Game, now he’s looking to reduce work stress and get on with something that can help people.

Charline Bucher doesn’t stop. She spent the weekend braving Ike in Texas to speak in front of 150 people this weekend, is still working hard to bring in some major corporate players, and made time to get on the phone with diamond coach Janice, Christy, and her sister Stormy. They’re making things happen by making sure that the people they know, know they are in the Beachbody business!

Michelle Sweetland has been a coach for a couple months and is talking to her sister Jenny about the opportunity. I think Jenny “got it” in about five seconds; Her last two jobs were spent selling gym memberships. Now she gets to promote the same healthy active lifestyle, but this time open it up beyond prospects within a ten mile radius of the gym to the entire country, and count on monthly recurring revenue that actually might give her the cash flow to take some time off every once in a while!

Long time network marketer Micah May conferenced in Larry, Jason, Brian and Becky. In addition to digging the customer lead program, they get how every customer who gets healthy results inspires another ten, and the ripple effect takes over. That’s the most powerful application of network marketing in history!

Kevin Kane, the “Fit Doc” had three prospects on the line who are ready for the release of Kathy Smith’s “Project: YOU, for Type 2”, Ray, Antoinette and Bill. They’re eager for the release of the single page flyer describing the product so they can start approaching every doctor they can find!

Fran Patoskie called from Honolulu with Kathy who is a Turbokick instructor and Missy, another coach. Something about instructors clicks into gear with the coach opportunity so fast; They get it. And when we started to talk about the upcoming ChaLEAN Extreme, you’d have thought I told them Elvis had a new album coming out!

Tammy Morris had Lee and Anne on the speaker phone. Anyone who has experienced network marketing before always approaches the Beachbody Revolution with some cynicism. Once they heard that we don’t require people to load up on inventory they saw how we’re different than everyone else.

Chela Siegrist brought her father in law to the call. Steve is a pastor and firefighter who had some success with Power 90 years ago. He “got it” when I told him that his prior success with the product probably inspired people to buy it – this time he deserves to get paid when he inspires people with his results – as a coach!

Rochelle Griffin had three Beachbody customers on the phone; Dana, Marybelle and Michelle. They learned that their process and their success will inspire people to buy the same products they’re using. The question is, do they want them to buy from Beachbody, or from them. (I suspect they would rather they buy the products from them. That’s what I want too! They deserve the money since THEY did the work!)

My last call was with Dean Mincer who had prospect Christy on the phone. Here’s a woman who just bought a house and is about to go into nursing school. She has some weight to lose, and would like some extra motivation. Is there a more ideal candidate for earning money in a part-time job at home that motivates you to succeed with your health and fitness program – at the same time that she’s surrounded by other people in the healthcare profession who could be prospects to distribute these products to people in need? Perfect! Let’s do this!

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