Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy 18,000th

18,078 coaches to be specific. That's where we are as of yesterday!

The momentum out of the Summit has been strong, built both by people invigorated to achieve their "Extreme Dream" plus the launch of Shakeology.

Hawaii alone has amazing momentum, perhaps thanks to the hard work of Fran Patoskie's team ("ilovetosweat") plus the excitement of Hawaiian hero Dallas Carter's $250,000 victory in the Million Dollar Body Game. I've heard that even Hawaii's Governor, Linda Lingle, is going to officially recognize Dallas and his healthy transformation in front of the State Senate!

But we're seeing enthusiasm and growth throughout the organization, especially now that the 2008 Top Coaches are back at it.

I also wouldn't be surprised if the "Shakeology Math" is helping. Sure, the Shake as the healthiest meal of the day is worth every penny at $4 a serving retail... beats a Big Mac right? And for people like me who intend to take the Shake every day, becoming a coach can save you around $15 a month. ($120 Shakeology retail minus $30 coach discount plus 14.95 monthly coach fee = $105... not including the bonuses or retail commissions you earn when someone tries the shake and buys or joins because of you!)

Whatever the reason for the ramp in growth, this is our year. Thanks for keeping the momentum going coaches!

20,000 coaches by May!


Anonymous said...

Those of us in Hawaii are SO PROUD of Dallas and Fran!! We're bringing in more and more coaches from ALL the islands to add to that 20K figure. Gonna be watching to support Dallas when Linda Lingle gives him his award....I'm an island away, but will be there in spirit!
Sherri aka haolegirl :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad to be on your team, Fran, Dallas! Keep with the nice work, y'all! You guys ROCK!

~Missye (a.k.a. "LogicalSol"

Anonymous said...

If the legal hurdles in Canada can be overcome you will far surpass the 20K number

Michelle said...

Can people from Canada still not be coaches?

JHS said...

Any chance on a sampler package for the SHAKEOLOGY product? Just can't justify $120 + s/h only to return the item on the 30 day guarantee. Very wasteful from a economic perspective.

I'd also think that an individual serving size version would be ideal for 'grab and go' preparation away from the kitchen/home?

Carl Daikeler said...

We're working on single serving packages, due out this summer!

Coach Monica said...

Hey Carl:
Lovin Shakeology! Been experimenting with Almond Milk in the Chocolate. I've been putting a scoop in a zip lock baggie for friends to sample. Gotta try before you buy type of thing. I carry around my Bag like it's Gold! I actually have been checking the clock & look forward to my Shakes. Sounds Goofy but it's true! I've tried all kinds of shakes & this Blows Doors!
Thanks to whoever designed this!
Gotta Get all these Hard Core Cyclists & Runners here in Boca Raton to try this!
Coach Monica

Anonymous said...

Single serve packets are definitely the way to go with Shakeology! Great for on-the-go and for sharing with my customers.

If you can't get a sample from your Coach, just buy the Chocolate Shakeology. Believe me... Ya won't be sending that baby back!

It's really that good!

Jillian, yo. said...

my coach rocks! go fran! so proud of you, dallas =]

thanks for the awesome updates, carl!

<3 Jillian

Neil Koehler said...

Thank you so much for everything you do, you inspire us all. Bringing it in 2009!

Scott said...

Carl, brother, you have to bring coaching to Canada!! Your products are fantastic, and everyone I talk to about them is interested in buying.

If there are legal hurdles, what about some kind of workaround, like having all Canadian coaches' "official" address as the BB headquarters, with all information then forwarded on to the Canadian address? Just a thought...


Carl Daikeler said...

The Beachbody Coach Network business is far too important to cut corners. I seriously believe this business is going to be as substantial as the $18B gym business (US) and a global influence to get more people working out. We will get there. The Beachbody Coach Network will be global in fact. But we'll do it the right way, with patience and professionalism.

Scott said...

Sounds good. I'll be the first person signing up when the time comes. BTW, I just saw a video clip for Insanity. Wow.