Monday, March 16, 2009


Hello from the Fairmont at Playa Del Carmen Mexico!

After our first day filled with TV interviews, the Top Coaches just finished a training session with Michael and are about to get together for the exclusive Top Coach cocktail party by the beach.

This is a photo from the welcome reception last night, when the guy was blessing the dinner from a Mayan culture perspective. (Really, there was Citronella in that pot, so you wanted to stand near him to keep the mosquitos away)

And these fire dancers entertained us with a native performance that gave me an idea for a new workout: "Keep those fire numchuks spinning or die".

Wish you were here!

In fact -- If you feel like earning an incredible five star trip like this for the same time next year, I would love nothing more. We're headed to Kauai, Hawaii next year, and bringing a lot more people. Decide. Commit. Succeed! but "You gotta be HUNGRY!" Let's do this!

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Steve Edwards said...

That upper pic looks like the guy from Joe vs The Volcano. Was he drinking orange soda by chance?