Saturday, March 07, 2009

New Record - A New Extreme

This morning at around 8:25AM PT we shattered the prior WOWY record of 522 people working out at the same time by 460 people! A new record of 982 people all working out at the same time was set!

They didn't have to lug themselves out to a gym and wait in line to take a class... they woke up, put on whatever clothes felt comfortable, and did their workout... with almost a thousand other people from all across the continent!

There were Beachbody staff and management, Tony and Chalene, fit people, big people, coaches, new customers, old friends from early Power 90 Hawaii trips, and finalists from the Million Dollar Body Game. To see the people pile in to this WOWY online Super Gym was more proof of a real revolution - the days of the gym being the default method to get in shape are coming to a close. The era of home-based fitness supported by an enthusiastic online community is here. Welcome home!

My Extreme Dream is coming into focus: One million coaches supporting 100 million customers. We are Beachbody, and we are an unstoppable future!

Thank you team!


ChasingPavement said...

It was so much fun pushing play with everyone this morning!

Karin from the Netherlands!! said...

Thank you so much for today Carl.
It was realllly cool to see how the number was growing
at the WowySuperGym.

Gr Karin.

CT Olson said...

Great idea Carl! We blew it away! Nice test for the online capacity too I think ...