Friday, March 20, 2009

The Rumors Were True

Any Beachbody complaints about not getting noticed by the media are distant history. And P90X is the best free publicist we could have hoped for.

Without spending a dime on endorsements or PR efforts, word continues to spread about the shift in health and fitness from gyms and trainers to our DVD programs, and it seems to be nearing a real tipping point.

First it was Chicago lead singer Jason Scheff who used P90X and the coaching opportunity to motivate himself to get back into shape. Then it was NFL kicker David Akers who's trainer suggested P90X to answer coach Andy Reid's command to get back into pro-bowl condition. Then People ran a story on Poppy Montgomery from Without A Trace. Then we got calls that Sheryl Crow has transformed her body with P90X, and went on and on about it on the red carpet of the Grammys. Then at the Pro Bowl, Baltimore Ravens' super star Ray Lewis told the media he uses P90X.

And then there was a rumor that a "Twitter Tweet" surfaced that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were asking questions about this P90X thing they keep seeing on TV.

It looks like the rumors were true.
Look what just got posted by People Magazine...


Stu said...

Carl, I have actually been tweeting back and forth with Demi about her P90X experience. Beachbody is changing the world, one person at a time.

LisaErin82 said...

When you got something good, it's a good thing :)

People such as these folks can afford anything they want in a workout program. They can afford to have folks come to their home and train them daily, but instead they don't. Why? Because they don't need it. Beachbody has the answer, as we well know, to competent, complete in home fitness. Why fix what ain't broken? Do what works and what's such a simple answer (I certainly won't say 'what's simple' because it's NOT simple!)

Thanks Carl, for giving us something so great to follow and be a part of!!

PuckHead said...

Wow and to Think that we do not have to be a supper star to do it

:0 )

I love it!

Mark said...

Thanks for blogging about this People Magazine mention of P90X. I can now say I scooped People Magazine! I mentioned this "twitter tweet" on my blog on February 29th. I even had screen shots of the tweets. It's the most popular post on my blog right now. The post is on

Other celebrities and notables using P90X and mentioned in the press are the dancers for the musical, "Movin' Out"
"And the dancers' final secret to staying lean and mean? P90X, a set of workout videos (as seen on infomercials) with intense cardio, strength, yoga and kickboxing regimens. "We've done it in hotel rooms, in the theater and in hotel workout facilities," Heitzman said." (It's at the end of the article)

Atlanta Braves Matt Diaz
"There was also the fly ball that bounced off his glove for an error yesterday against the Phillies, though it was a tough play and Diaz covered a lot of ground to get to it in the left-center gap at Clearwater, showing off some speed after dropping 20 pounds this winter on the P90X diet."

Working in marketing myself, I know the value of these free mentions of P90X in the press...pure gold!

CT Olson said...

it's definitely viral organic or whatever you want to say - selling itself by word of mouth - great news! But funny thing is, and I talked with an old friend who does lots of Beachbody and helped get me started - the infomercials are still fun to watch! ;)

Larry Allen, Coach said...

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piorio said...

Hay Carl,

I didn't see one celeb in your blog dated March 20th "The Rumors Were True". I found an article about Jennie Garth from 90210 in the People Magazine Website date Sept. 2008.


"Jennie Garth toned up for her comeback role on the new 90210 by working out five days a week with husband actor Peter Facinelli to trainer Tony Horton's P90X DVDs. "Every day is different," she says. "One day is really hard yoga. Then arms and shoulders, legs, then karate. His program is made to confuse the muscles so you don't plateau. I feel better now than I ever have." Read about other exercise DVDs to get your body moving on – Charlotte Triggs"

One more to add to the list!! Enjoy....