Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Everybody, Pay It Forward

Tony and Beachbody are showing gratitude for the patience, loyalty and trend-ending heroics of our customers and coaches by making an offer in July that will pay off for everyone involved:

To celebrate the launch of "Volume 2" of Tony's One-On-One series, and celebrate Tony's birthday on July 2nd, new subscribers pay just $.01 for their first month (plus $1,000 s&h... kidding! $2.95 s&h) for an amazing Cardio Intervals routine.

Plus both new and current subscribers get the new "Volume 2" DVD wallet that holds the next year's worth of fabulous Hortonosity.

And to share in all this kindness; the July One-on-One DVD ships with a FREE workout called “Pay It Forward”. The Pay It Forward DVD is a first for Beachbody, where we asked a 400lb person to go through a routine with Tony. he did, and he loved it!

Your job -- give that DVD away to someone who thinks that fitness (and Tony Horton) is not accessible to them. This is a great starter program. Again, your job - give it to someone and let them see how good they can feel after just 20 mins!

It's a special launch of year two of One-on-One. Tony (and I) are exceptionally grateful to the people who made it through year one and are ready for more!


zavislak said...

"Pay it forward"...that's what Beachbody is all about! Thanks for this Carl and Tony!

Mathias said...

so the new one on one subscribers get the July disc for a penny but those who have had the subscription for one year will pay regular price...am I understanding this correctly?

Lori Jantzi said...

OMGosh, Carl! This is absolutely amazing and heartfelt. It's my WHY I love Beachbody. It's a caring company. Luv that!

I'm a current subscriber since day 1 of the series and am looking foward to Volume 2. I know soooo many people who would benefit from this Pay It Forward DVD. My brother, cousins, father, etc. All obese and in need of a do-able program for them. I'm sooo excited about this...you have no idea. I'm hoping eventually BB will release this special video for purchase on its own and possibly create more like this one. Something for the 250+ lb people or elderly with limited mobility. I could pass out a ton of them!

Keep up the fantastic work!

Scott K. said...


I love this idea! I love what BB stands for. You guys walk the walk.

Carl Daikeler said...

It's similar to the way a new You are correct. (subscriber of a magazine can get a few free issues plus a football phone, but current subscribers of the magazine just get the same service they've enjoyed since they signed up.)

Carl Daikeler said...

In August the Pay It Forward program will be available for bulk purchase to coaches!

Coach Jillian said...

I really, truly love the way Beachbody thinks of everybody. You guys see absolutely no obstacles for anything, and you treat everybody--from the fantastically fit to the outrageously obese--exactly the same, and will do anything to help everybody you come across. I love this company!!! Can't wait for vol. 2 of OOO!


Sandy1323 said...

My son, Todd, has been encouraging my husband and I to try your program for years. I was afraid to try to program as it seemed too advanced for me, but with the "Pay It Forward" DVD, we have found a program that we can do and feel good about ourselves. Now I realize why Todd has had so much praise for Tony Horton and the program. Thanks so very much for being so concerned about helping everyone become healthy and fit.